That’s not something you see everyday

Ginn tackles Whitner

It’s not uncommon to see former Buckeyes tackle former Buckeyes. It is, however, uncommon to see a former offensive superstar take down a former defensive heavy-hitter.

(For those of you who are NFL-challenged [who could blame you?] that’s Ted Ginn Jr. taking down Donte Whitner)


  1. 13 players from ohio state

    I love what Laurinaitis had to say. Honestly I kinda get choked up a bit when i hear a player talk about how much he loves being a buckeye.

    “I’m just finding out what the NFL’s going to say about where I stand,” he said. “I’m definitely confident coming back with this team. I love Ohio State, I love it here and I’m having a good time

  2. Poor Teddy. Can you imagine being stuck on a winless team, with a locker in the same room as Joey Porter’s? Wow.

    Kudos, Jimmy. I still think you’ll go pro (see Orlando Pace), but just hearing someone talk about how much they like being a Buckeye means a lot.

  3. YinFeng Shao says

    You gotta imagine this picture is now framed and hanging somewhere in Ted Ginn Sr.’s office. Two Glenville guys drafted in the top ten in the last two years…Ridiculous.

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