Weekly Vernon Gholston Shot

… is BACK! This time, with 200% more ACTION! I’m sure everyone remembers this sequence of occurences:

Gholston Beatdown

For you forum go’ers (we salute you) here’s a handy avatar version for your next forum post:

Litte Big Vernon

(Please right-click, “Save Picture As” this, don’t hot-link it. It’d be greatly appreciated)

We’ve got some great stuff coming up as we hunker down for the winter, waiting patiently for January 7th. There will even be a homework assignment! Stay Tuned!


  1. Arkansas Buckeye says

    For a good time, try the logically challenged folks in my town at


    It some great SEC knuckledragging/gnashing of the teeth “why doesn’t anyone want to coach for us”?

    If LSU should win, can someone send a rescue squad downhere to get me?

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