Well now things are really screwed up

I LOL'ed

So as I mentioned earlier, a soft West Virginia team got punched in the gut and could not recover. They’re out. Finished 13-9 by Pittsburgh. Really? Pittsburgh? That’s not right. Missouri is struggling and will also probably be out. So now what?

We know this: Ohio State will be playing for the National Championship. It is absolutely killing people outside of Columbus that this is now an indisputable fact. A few items:

  • Holy crap did the Zebras try to give West Virginia the game. That was disgusting.
  • That look on Rich Rodriguez’s face was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen after West Virginia failed on 4th and short.
  • If I was a fan of an SEC team (I think I just threw up a little there. Excuse me for a sec). Okay, if I was a fan of say, Arkansas or Tennessee and I had to sit through a game on CBS with Gary Danielson having to listen to him give Les Miles and the rest of the LSU team a fricken tongue bath. It’s also very disgusting. My foot would be meeting my television, Mr. Mom style.
  • This is so screwed up and the BCS looks like total gar-baj. Say hello to an OSU versus Hawai’i National Championship Game!


  1. i’m watching sportscenter, and i can’t believe how pathetic it is to hear all of these coaches call in and politic for the national title game.

  2. better change that countdown clock baby!!!

  3. I’m getting a little disgusted with ESPN’s new sudden plug.

    Let’s have all of our “experts” talk up LSU as being OSU’s opponant for the National Title – despite having to have them jump Georgia, Kansas and VT in the polls to get there.

    This is beginning to sound more and more like the polls are meaningless. Everyone seems to be acting like we should just play out the season and randomly select two teams by committee to play for the championship.


  4. Arkansas Buckeye says

    I live with this SEC crap every day down here. And I’ve got this friend of my wife’s coming over for dinner party tonight who has LSU season tickets. As much as I think I’d rather play LSU than Georgia or USC, I think I’m going to have to lock him in the basement or something.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds CBS’ “coverage” of LSU games pretty laughable. Every time LSU is on TV (which is every fucking week), they get the hype treatment. CBS needs to hype LSU to ensure ratings, which is no big surprise.

    What I find most objectionable about it is that, after losing to two vastly overrated teams in Kentucky and Arkansas, CBS still desperately plugs LSU as this year’s Football Jesus. Get over it, guys. LSU is good, but for fuck’s sake cut the BS and get off their nuts.

  6. I am so glad to find a “Buckeye Friendly” website! I live in Florida, moved here 10 years ago. I AM AN OHIO STATE BUCKEYE! I have been harrassed like you wouldn’t believe all year long…wear a BLOCK O Woody Hat out and all you’ll hear is “WE OWN YOU.” If I hadn’t married a USF BULL I’d be gone. Well this is our chance to show’em we still got it. I am praying everyday for a win – even if it’s by a point. They are so overconfident here they are all looking for a 50-7 victory. C’mon BUCKS show’em we’re THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES!!!

  7. Welcome, Mary!! You’ll always be welcome here at “home.”

    Must be hard to endure the “we own you” taunt. This is one year when we REALLY need to pull for Michigan… if they beat Fla you can taunt the Florida folks for losing to a team that lost to Appy St.!

    Hope to see you around often.

  8. The SEC speed argument is a total fabrication. Looking at rivals recruiting listings for LSU and OSU since 2003, the faster defensive team is Ohio State! And its pretty even on offense. Larry Grant runs a 4.4 40, the same as LSU’s fastest reciever Doucet. Plus Beanie is bigger and faster than every LB, Safety, and DB but two! Darren McFadden anyone?

  9. Don’t worry! So cheering for Michigan to kick the Gators around this year! All of the BIG TEN teams in bowl games this year have to do their share for our conference. So I’m cheering for all BIG TEN!! I am so sick of hearing about the SPEED and DOMINANCE of the SEC! What’s that ole saying??…”they put their pants on, just like us!” Give me a break! Mary, the Buckeye from Florida!

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