And another one’s gone

Another one’s gone…

Another one bites the dust.


  1. Nicholas Eckert says

    This is when we start rooting for UConn and Oklahoma, gentlemen.

  2. Roger that.

    And Texas A&M gave us a gift. Even if OU loses to OSU, OU will be in the Big 12 championship.

    …at least I’m 99% certain that’s the case 😉

  3. One more break goes our way, and we get in…..

    If Oklahoma wins the Big 12, or WVA loses once.

    Holy crap, this is exciting.

  4. Buckeye in Texas says

    I never, ever thought I would say this, but…

    Boomer Sooner!

  5. I think the only thing to say is:


  6. Wow…and I thought all those jokes about God being a Buckeye were just for laughs. This weekend will shw one way or the other! HA HA.

  7. Arkansas Buckeye says

    Last night in Fayetteville was second only to the my night the Buckeyes beat Miami. (c’mon. Its Fayetteville Arkansas. It doens’t take much). The only down side is it quieted the rather large faction of Razorback fans who still want to hire Gus Malzahn, the local hero who was coaching high school 2 years ago as the new Boss Hog. That would have been fun.

    And yes, I am soooo grateful for not having an SEC team in the BCS championship game.

    Boomer Sooner!


  9. i’m getting really tired of all this talk about how the buckeyes don’t deserve to be in the national title hunt (see Gene Wojciechowski, and Collin Cowherd, and *insert espn ‘expert’ analyst here*).

    i am the biggest okie fan you could know this week, i so want a chance to prove them all wrong =p

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