Weekly Vernon Gholston Shot

I am a horrible Vernon Gholston fan! I forgot to post this week’s VG love-fest on Thursday. To make up for it, I present the interactive (you comment, we respond) multimedia (in live, full motion video!) version of the Weekly Vernon Gholston Shot:

Link to video if you’re reading MotSaG via RSS.

Update (sportsMonkey here):
I just came in here to say that, yes, that is VG overpowering the mighty Long, then blasting aside Hart, and taking Henne down. Just a few minutes after this play, Hart told the media “there ain’t nothin’ special about that defense.” Riiight.


  1. Punky Brewster says

    He’s like a bowling ball of scarlet goodness.

  2. He’s like a bowling alley of scarlet awesomeness.

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