Greg Oden is magical

OSU LogoFor all you video gamers out there, your big man, Greg Oden, is the coverboy (man? old man?) for 2K Sports College Hoops 2K8. They got the picture on the cover wrong, though. Oden going with a finger roll? Puhhhleeze. They needed to use this one.

Greg Oden

You can check out some gameplay videos (with an appeareance of Oden and Conley, making jokes about how old Oden looks) at the 2K Sports website. College Hoops 2K8 comes out November 19th. It would make an excellent gift for your favorite OSU blogger.

Seriously, hasn’t the “Greg Oden looks old” joke run its course? Are they even funny anymore? Hit the jump to see an in-game screenshot of Oden in action:

Oden tearin’ it up.

Hahahah!! It’s still funny!


  1. I LOL’d. ;-P

  2. Finger roll, or rebound? You make the call.

  3. @Drew – Yeah, I thought it might be a rebound, too, but that didn’t allow me to link the thundering sky dunk from the tournament.

  4. I always like the dunks where he looked like the hoop was his… (ummm… I’ll imagine this is a family blog and keep it clean) girlfriend.

    You know which ones I’m talking about…

  5. I think that was just about every dunk!

    And yeah, I know exactly which ones you’re referring to.

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