Gameday: (1) OSU vs. (24) Wisconsin – Semi-live Update

First Half

Did you hear? Wisconsin is NOT INTIMIDATED BY OHIO STATE.

Not sure if you heard.

Wisconsin defenders are Pee-You-Enn-Kays. All of them.

Second Half

Randle-El tries to cheap shot Gholston at the knees, a-la Ken Dorsey. Two problems here: Randle-El is not a 300 pound lineman. Vernon Gholstons legs are tree trunks with steel cables for tendons. Not a good idea. I don’t think Gholston even noticed.

Ohio State’s secondary has apparently forgotten how to tackle. Come on Jenkins!

I’m not one to complain about the refs, but Holey Moley is this egregious. The amount of calls going uncalled is ridiculous. Ohio State currently down a touchdown.

BEANIE! BEANIE! BEANIE! Tied game, 17-17.

Now let’s go D! Vernon can’t do it alone.

BEANIE! BEANIE! BEANIE! OSU up, 24-17. This is fun again.

They’re still doing it! They’re about to be down by two touchdowns and the defense is still jumping in Buckeye faces as if they were up winning. Even the horrible BTN commentators are calling them on it. The Wisconsin coaches need to put a stop to that.

Bielema gambles on fourth and loses. Robiskie makes a beautiful catch and wins. Or at least is winning. OSU up 31-17.



  1. MaliBuckeye says

    Stupid Big T1e1n Network… I’ve got nothing out west.

    Care to illuminate your diagnosis of said defenders?

  2. @Mali – Sorry you have been denied the chance to watch the game. It just seems like every tackle Wisconsin makes they’ve made the most amazing tackle ever. They are jumping around and getting in the Buckeye’s faces after every play, whether it was a 2 yard loss or a 10 yard gain. It’s getting annoying.

  3. Mali –
    Wisco is a pathetically classless team, top to bottom. They are the dirtiest, most classless team I’ve ever seen in thirty years watching the Big Ten.

    The Wisco coverage players were flagged on all but two kickoff/punts for dirty tactics. Blocks in the back (multiple). Chop blocks. Face masks. Interference. Taunting the players and even the fans. Pushing and shoving, trying to start fights. And their coach? Over on the sideline, screaming a tirade of profanities at the officials every time one came within shouting distance. (How do you scream “BS!” “BS!” “BS!” “BS!” at an official for flagging a chop block when the play is being repeatedly replayed on the jumbotron right above your head?)

    Also, one thing the writeups are not going to mention is how much the OSU D totally pwned the Wisco QB… 10, count ’em, 10 sacks. el Kaiser’s boy shook off a chop block to got four of them himself. Beware Gholston when OSU lines up in the 4-3…

  4. I think Malcolm Jenkins only tackles and covers when he is on ABC, not the little Big Ten Network.

    Seriously, what the hell?

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