Wisconsin Open Thread

OSU FootballYou know what to do. More to follow, if we have time tomorrow.

el Kaiser’s wisdom
I guess if I start the actual thread, I should at least throw in a prediction: OSU 34-13

sportsMonkey’s $.02
OSU 37-6
Much has been made of Tressel’s losing record to Wisco, but it’s a bit overblown. Two of his three losses came with his two weakest, unranked Buckeye teams (including one from his first season). The remaining loss occurred during a rainstorm so intense that the student section was actually photographed building an ark. Mix some heavy rain with Alvarez retirement plans, add a dash of Chris Gamble making his only mistake of the season & letting Lee Evans score, and throw in two tablespoons of conspiring-for-back-to-back-years-at-Camp-Randall unfairness, and you’ve got the recipe for three losses. None of those conditions will exist this Saturday.

The Vest is eager. No way are the Bucks looking ahead to Illinois.


  1. Do we impress Pryor and Sabino enough to land them, and can we get Cordalle Scott or is he already commited somewhere else? Also, is Josh Jenkins even still considering us?

  2. Cordalle Scott hasn’t even listed who his favorites are yet. Josh Kenkins has a soft verbal to West Virginia.

  3. Are there any live streams/feeds on the internet for this game? I don’t have the Big Ten network!

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