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FootballOkay, we’ve had enough Penn State negativity and Big Ten bashing. Time for some feel-good, pick-me-up stories. We’ve got a couple for Wisconsin week.

The first story is about a couple Wisconsin walk-ons. Both earned scholarships, but there are no guarantees

“There was no guarantee that walk-ons like Strickland and Johnson would keep their scholarships throughout their careers.

When Johnson found out earlier this fall that his wasn’t being renewed this season, Strickland sprung into action. After thinking it over and talking to his parents, Strickland decided to give up his scholarship so his best friend could have it.”

Stories like this definitely do wonders to restore faith in humanity after incidents like last week.

The other story is the Ryan Pretorius story. There is so much to like about this guy. It’s not every day you can say one of the players on your college football team is from a different country. But the likability doesn’t end there. I’ve been a fan of the game of rugby since I lived in Spain and my high school buddy was one of the captains of OSU’s rugby team in the late nineties. Anyone who’s played rugby is okay in my book. I was also listening to Herbstreit and Hooley when his wife called in, talking about his frustration of not starting last year, but he kept at it and look at him now. Another one of those stories to make your day.

Okay, that’s enough touchy-feely. Let’s get back to some football.


  1. nice to see some respect for rugby. i played last year here at osu.

  2. @darren – any sport that has a position called the hooker is okay in my book.

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