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OSU FootballMotSaG reader George sent us the link to this article in USA Today today. (I hate saying that). Titled “Big Ten has alarming lack of championship results,” you know where this is going. You’re probably fighting back the tears of boredom before you even read it.

Let me summarize for you: “Ohio State sucks and are only #1 because they’re Ohio State.” Then the author looks at the championship results since 1968, and how little the Big Ten has produced. Yeah, the truth sort of hurts. Sort of. Funny thing is, if you count Penn State’s championships (yeah, I know, they weren’t in the Big Ten back then, but stick with me) you’d have seven National Championships for the Big 10. Nine for the big old bad SEC. You know, the conference of Superheroes. If you go back eight years, to 1960, you’d have 11 championships for the Big 10, 13 for the SEC. I’ll take a national championship ever four years or so for the Big Ten.

Yeah, so the article isn’t worth your time. Funny thing is, that’s not the worse part of the article. This throw-away quote from Mark May is:

“Do you think the kid growing up in California or Florida really cares about ‘dotting the I’ in late November in the Horseshoe?” May asked, referring to the Ohio State band’s traditional rendition of “Script Ohio.”

Uhmmm, I guess not? What the hell does this have to do with playing football at Ohio State? My guess is, if the kid plays the sousaphone and really into marching band, then yeah! He probably does care and would love to dot the I in late November. But this makes no sense. Mark May makes no sense. I wish he was an analyst for NASCAR with Brad Daugherty. Then I’d never have to listen to his crap.

Mark May


  1. tOSUBuckeyes says

    Something else to ponder, of all those National Championships from the SEC, how many were won by teams with a name other than Alabama? Not many. Before the scholarship limitations, Alabama and the Bear would have all of the best players in the entire southeast on the team and on some sort of scholarship. It wasn’t that way up north, there were more teams on an even playing field than in the south. Plus we all know how dirty the Alabama program is, they are a bunch of cheaters.

  2. Yea I’m a Penn State fan, but nonetheless I completely agree. Every time i watch college football on ESPN, I wonder what in the hell toilet they got this Mark May turd from anyway?
    He sucks worse than lee corso in his trojans costume. while I’m at it, I think I’ll rant about the rest of the commentators. Lou Holtz sounds like he’s got a sloppy hotdog in his mouth when he talks. Just goes to show you that ALL the Irish suck (not just Charlie and Jimmy). Collectively, they all assume that Penn State can’t contend in the Big Ten because of the “off the field issues”. Whether or not they can remains to be seen. Believe me, people around here made a big deal about that issue for like a day after it happened. Now all of a sudden this Outside the Lines report comes out, and everyone at ESPN blows it up. It’s over. It’s been over. I guess they make a big deal because Big Ten teams don’t get in trouble for something every week like Florida State or Miami (ACC…pssh not even worth mentioning).

  3. Todd Hartly says

    First, PSU will never contend in the Big Ten – they’re a joke and have been since joining in 1993 – a fluke season. PSU gets a lot of people in the stadium – farmers with no lives, people that milk a cow then head to a game. PSU is a joke on the field. Second, PSU has embarrassed itself with all of these off of the field problems SO BADLY, and of such magnitude, that a TV show was produced about it. Quit crying and realize you have a bad program even with poor character kids – facts are facts, OSU and Michigan (even in it’s pathetic state) still look down on PSU as a nobody. You have NO RIVAL, nobody cares about PSU. That all said, I still think the SEC is far and away king, and the Big 10 is even behind the Big 12 and maybe the Big East in terms of football quality. Just being honest, understanding reality, but go Bucs!!!!!!

  4. Big ten does suck.

    Ohio state: good
    Psu: decent
    Iowa: overrated
    Wisconsin: pretty good talent but god-awful HC
    Nw: ok talent, good coach
    Mich: what the hell happened to them? Rr is bad HC.
    Msu: meh
    Minn: bad team that only goes to 6-6 by playing 1-aa teams
    Pur: not good
    Ill: ron zook sucks as coach
    Iu: Mac team at best, who cares about them anyway?

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