2007 Starting Lines

cbjlogonew.jpgEarlier this week, the Blue Jackets released the starting forward lines for the 2007 season (LW/C/RW):

    First Line: Nash / Fedorov / Vyborny
    Second Line: Chimera / Novotny / Zherdev
    Third Line: Modin* / Peca* / Brule
    Fourth Line: Fritsche / Malhotra / Boll
    “Fifth” Line: Shelly / Beech** / Glencross

*Note: After these lines were announced, the Jackets put Peca, Modin, and Foote on IR.
**Note: Beech has been put on waivers.

As always, if you want previews and analysis, head on over to EOB for Drew & Truth Serum’s comprehensive evaluation.

All that can be said at this point is that the team looks talented, if a bit shallow and green in too many places. Between the pipes, Leclaire and Norrena are neck-and-neck for the starting position, with Leclaire getting the home starts and Norrena getting the away ones (for now). Fritsche looks low, but I wonder if that was a prescient choice; with the injuries and age ahead of him, no doubt he’ll be bumped up in no time. Same with Malhotra.

The elephant-not-in-the-room is Brassard, which initially seems like a shame. However, the office is taking the patient route with him, so it’s a wait-and-see at this point. More time in development is going to do nothing but make him better down the road.

Also note how Sergei moved back up to the first line during preseason. Good for him, but the cynic inside me says that this probably reveals some weaknesses.

Watch out for Jared Boll on that fourth line, who’s making a name for himself. Boll is the padawan to Shelly’s Yoda. He’ll be a fan favorite in no time.

That’s about it for the players. As for the arena, well, we have some new toys this year. Bring your earplugs to the games!

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