Weekly Vernon Gholston shot

I was originally going to use this one, but thanks to Maje for providing the link to this week’s Gholston ogling:

Vernon Gholston

A co-worker of the Monkey and mine mentioned that Vernon even has muscles on his face. I think his eyebrow muscles can curl more than I can.

(The link round-up will be up sometime this afternoon!)


  1. OMG. Look at those delts. Is he wearing a life vest under that Nike shirt?

    If you listen close enough, you can hear the veins in his arms screaming “mmfff.. helllp meeee… mmrrmff”

  2. I seriously would love to be his SHIRT for one whole day.

    Could you imagine what it would be like to spoon with him?

  3. oh, no SYR… whatever el Kaiser has is contagious!!

  4. makes Barry Bonds look like a twig.

  5. @SYR – imagine it? My mind can handle that kind of imagination. It would be like hugging an angel.

    @matthew – are you implying anything? 🙂

  6. colsfire84 says

    good god…i think i peed myself and he’s not even trying to tackle me…can’t imagine what an opposing quarterback must feel…


  1. […] registering 4.5 TFL’s and numerous bone rattling hits on opposing quarterbacks. 11W favorite, the Gun Show is tied for the team lead in sacks with 3 and recently tested out of preliminary rounds for the […]

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