Week #3: University of Washington – Open Thread

OSU FootballWelcome to the Open Thread of week 3, with your Buckeyes going up against the Huskies.

Previews? Yeah we got previews galore. We’ve got a preview from the UW point of view. Buckeye Banter has a solid piece of work, looking at this week’s matchup. Sean looks at Five Things the Buckeyes Need To Do To Beat the Washington Huskies. Eleven Warriors and Buckeye Planet, our go-to guys, on top of things as usual.

Here are some things I’ve been thinking about:

  • Coaches — I have nothing against Willingham, but Tressel shouldn’t have any problem out-coaching Ty if that’s what it comes down to. Tressel should have the boys ready to go.
  • QBs — I know Locker has been getting press for his good play, but I think we’ll see an improved and patient Boeckman. I think the play calling will be tailored to the situation — his first away game. It will be a hostile environment and I don’t think Todd will have many chances to error. Add to that the fact the Washington’s defensive weakness is their secondary and I think Boeckman will play well on Saturday.
  • Ray Small — I don’t think his return can be discounted. His presence on the field will spread things out, force Washington to commit someone to him, allowing our playbook to open. I still don’t think we’ll get too fancy, but I do look for us to spread things out more than we already have.
  • I’m not worried about our defense. We’re bigger and faster than anything Washington has seen thus far. Looking at the two games each team has played, I don’t think there’s much that can be gleaned from past performance. Ohio State handled its business with two lesser opponents, as did Washington. Don’t read too much into their victory (“upset”) over Boise State. A Pac-10 team should always handle a WAC team. Boise State is not the BCS buster team we saw last year. This game is the first true “test” for both teams.

So I’m more than cautiously optimistic. I think we’ll be in control for most of the game. It won’t be a squeaker, but I think we win 24-13.

What say you?

sportsMonkey: Tresselball is back… we have to keep remembering that when we make our score predictions. Thanks to last year’s wide-open offense, it’s hard for my fingers to type anything but “Thirty-something to…”. I’m going much lower than Kaiser… OSU’s offense struggles again, but their D will dominate the game. The Bucks manage to hold off a late rally to win 16-10.

Sylvester Yon-Rambo: I am just excited to actually be able to see a game this year. Stupid Big Ten Network. I agree Tressel ball is back but if the Offensive line doesnt start blowing up perople it is going to be a long hard season.

This is not going to be an easy game for sure. Washington is a decent team with home field advantage and a hunger to get some recognition. The only way we can win here is to open the field up and move the ball on the ground. Rumor has it Ray Small is finally back on the field after getting MURDERED last season. I really want to see Hartline get in the endzone again. We need a defensive TD or speacial teams TD. We cant afford to have any Turnovers PERIOD.

I predict this to be a close game but we will never trail in the game. My final score is 412 to 2.

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