Week #2: University of Akron – Open Thread

OSU FootballHere’s the Friday Open Thread for Week 2 of the Buckeye’s 2007 season.

As always, we link the previews for your reading pleasure. No need for us to duplicate what’s already out there. On the blogging front, the guys at Eleven Warriors have their preview up. Buckeye Planet’s in-depth preview is ready for consumption. Don’t those guys get tired of doing those? Tony Gerdman’s preview over at the O-Zone is enlightening. ESPN’s game preview should be a little more subjective and it has pretty bar charts. If there was such a thing.

Not a lot more to say here. With this week’s game is once again being confined to the Big Ten Network, how do you plan on watching the game if you’re BTN-less? What aspects of Saturday’s game are you’re looking forward to? What’s your final score prediction? Anything else that crosses your mind, let us know!

Personally, I want to see a huge improvement in the running game. I won’t be surprised to see 250+ yards total on the ground tomorrow. Beanie & Co. will have something to prove. As for the final score, I say:
OSU – 45
Akron – 0

sportsMonkey: theMonkey’s quite happy today (as are many other Dish Network subscribers) at being able to see the game tomorrow. **Does Carvey’s church lady superior dance** (H/T: SaS)

Rain and storms are forecast for the Columbus area tomorrow… so I think the weather might impact the game a bit. It’ll be interesting to see how the new turf handles the rain. I’m going lower than Kaiser, with OSU winning 31-0.


  1. Dish Network agreed to a deal with BTN. That’s some more viewers in the area. It’s also rumored that they’re going to announce a deal with MediaComm soon.


  2. Gholston’s quote about Akron in the ESPN preview is priceless:

    But then he added, “They beat, uh, I’m not sure what they did last week.” Told the Zips defeated Army, he added, “Did they? Well, we’ve got to be ready for that.”

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