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FootballSome delusional comments from former Michigan linebacker Dhani Jones:

“How do you put Appalachian State over Michigan as the greatest loss in history?” Jones said. “Because you’re the biggest team, the best team, the most profound team. Because of that, they look at you like the world has been turned upside down.

“People are very jealous of Michigan. People have always been jealous of Michigan. If the same thing happened at Ohio State, USC or Notre Dame, they wouldn’t be reacting like this (nationally), because Michigan is held to another standard. It’s interesting how people say Michigan is not all that and Michigan gets beat and then people can’t stop talking about it. Everybody wishes they went to Michigan.”

I don’t know about you guys, but we sure have been jealous of Michigan the last three years! Man, I wish we could lose to our hated rival three years in a row and then stink up our bowl game. They are so lucky!

Big thanks to Bill at The Blog for the Sports Gamer for this absolutely wonderful link.


  1. Dhani Jones are you kidding me? Seriously, does he really think that if USC or Notre Dame had lost to App State the media wouldn’t have gone crazy? I think it would have been worse actually.

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