Week #1: Youngstown State University – Open Thread

OSU FootballI was up much too late last night playing Bioshock, so I didn’t get a chance to work on any kind of preview post for the Youngstown State game. Eleven Warriors have a good preview up and Buckeye Planet’s fabulous coverage is a must read as always.

So here’s the first Open Thread of the season. Feel free to comment on whatever you like — your prediction of the final score, how you plan on watching the game (or will you be listening to it?) and anything else you feel moved to say.

sportsMonkey: So, let’s not kid ourselves – Youngstown is getting almost $700k for playing the Bucks (compare that to Appalachian State, which is only getting $400k for playing UM). So it’s clear that this game is OSU’s “thanks for the Sweatervest” payoff to Youngstown.

Most seem to think that Tressel won’t run the score up against his former team. However, the Penguins are coming to the ‘Shoe during a time when a lot of starting positions are still being fought for. From the players’ perspective, this is their last chance to prove to the coaches that they deserve a starting spot, or at least one on the two-deep. If you don’t play against YSU, then you probably won’t play this season. So I expect these players to be hungry and scary dominant. OSU starts the season with a shutout, 41-0.


  1. Watching the comments at mgoblog has made my day.

  2. And this is why we don’t short a team by $300k on gameday. Did you guys ever think we’d move up a spot in the rankings by beating a Div. I-AA Subdivision of the world team? Thanks Blue.


    osuv ysu game was a great game for me being a ysu and ohio state fan can’t wait for the rematch next year

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