You didn’t think we’d forget, did you? (7 days)

Ted Ginn, Jr.

Greatest moment of OSU football this year.


  1. YinFeng Shao says

    Back in the day I bought a Chris Gamble jersey, thinking I’d have no use for it once he left. Then along comes Teddy and he becomes the greatest gamebreaker I’ve ever seen. Add in a humble personality and a team-first attitude, and you got yourself the whole package. Teddy, you’ve left some big shoes to fill.

  2. 5 seconds later


    TGjr: Ouch.

  3. cie grant for #6….find the pic of him sacking dorsey to seal the national championship!!!

  4. YinFeng – “Back in the day”???

    Way to make me feel OLD….Gamble played for us 4 years ago.

    Back in MY day, #7 was Vinnie Clark.

    But I agree 100% with your comment about Teddy.

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