Throwing passes into our hearts forever (16 days)

There can only be one #16 in our list. There is only one #16 in the hearts of millions of Buckeye fans: Craig Krenzel.

Craig Krenzel

Everyone knows Craig was the smartest football player to ever live. Everyone knows he graduated with a triple degree in Molecular Genetics, Quantum Mechanics, and Philosophy (Summa Cum Laude, natch). Here are a few things people may not know about him:

  • He once did a quarter’s worth of Biology 114 homework for Lydell Ross at half-time of the Michigan game
  • He showed Jason Bourne how deadly a copy of Gray’s Anatomy can be.
  • He blinded Trev Alberts with science. And with with beating the Unbeatable Miami Hurricanes.
  • He introduced Brent Musberger to eternal Rapture during the 2002 Purdue game with a single pass.

Does anyone else know of other exploits that we left out?


  1. “Excuse me, Mr. Lucas. Maybe you should leave Jar-Jar Binks out of Episode 2.”

    -Craig Krenzel, 2002

  2. I can’t decide if the best OSU game I ever attended was that one or the Michigan game 2 weeks later…

  3. @BBC – I wondered whose idea that was!

    @Jack – That’s like deciding which of your kids is your favorite.

  4. While on the QB roll… 15 days = Stanley Jackson + Joe Germaine…

  5. I thought Krenzel advised Mo Clarette that he really couldn’t walk on water?

  6. @Zach – He probably did advise him, but the advice was obviously not heeded.

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