CavaliersA few thoughts after The Cleveland Cavaliers’ 109-107 double overtime victory:

“Air Apparent,” thy name is LeBron James. And you never looked so good.

I guess Rasheed didn’t want to “play a little harder.” How much harder will they play if McDyess is suspended for game 6?

Is it really a jump shot when Z shoots that 18-footer? I never see his feet leave the ground.

I hope someone snapped a picture of Tayshaun Prince on LeBron’s penultimate dunk in the fourth quarter. He was cowering like a little girl. What a sissy! It was beautiful.

I swear LeBron broke his back in overtime after that foul by Maxiell. He then scored like 71 points in overtime. He healed it with his King powers. I’m a witness.

It’s not just the Buckeyes that owns the team from the state up North right now. The Cavaliers are just embarassing the Pistons, the Tigers have become the Indians’ whipping boys and, in case you forgot, Michigan hasn’t tasted victory against the Buckeyes in years. It’s a great time to be a sports fan in Ohio.


  1. I watched the 2 OTs yesterday and I was thouroughly impressed with LeBrons game. I have always liked him and plan on making him my first choice in FNBA next year again as always lol.

    To call him the Air Apparent is a mistake though. Every time someone does that to a player they tend to self destruct.

    Being that I am a Huge Jordan fan you can take my opinion with a grain of salt, but there is no player or will there ever be any player who comes close to what he did over his whole career. He is the best player thier ever was or ever will be.

  2. El Caballo de Sangre says

    Speaking of the punk-ass Tigers, holy frijoles what a game at the Jake tonight.

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