2007 NFL Draft, Ohio State Perspective

OSU FootballLooking at the NFL Draft from the perspective of an Ohio State fan is always fun to do. It’s exciting to see kids you cheered for to make the jump to the professional level (unless they get drafted by the Steelers or Ravens, GRRR!). So first, the facts. Here’s how the draft shook out for your OSU Buckeyes:

First Round
9(9) Ted Ginn Jr. – Miami
32(32) Anthony Gonzalez – Indianapolis
Third Round
35(98) Quinn Pitcock – Indianapolis
Fourth Round
8(107) Antonio Pittman – New Orleans
Fifth Round
1(138) Jay Richardson – Oakland
32(169) Roy Hall – Indianapolis
37(174) Troy Smith – Baltimore
Sixth Round
24(198) Doug Datish – Atlanta

My thoughts – First off, just like everyone else, I was surprised the Dolphins passed over Quinn for Teddy Ginn. Of course, I can’t hide my satisfaction that, even in the NFL draft, Brady Quinn struggled to beat a Buckeye. A lot of the draft pundits (including MotSaG favorite, Mark May) were calling this pick a huge mistake for a littany of reasons: Ted Ginn isn’t big enough to be a #1 receiver. Ted Ginn doesn’t go over the middle. Ted Ginn was injured in the Championship game, will he ever be 100%? Give me a break. I think they’re missing the point on TGJ value. Of course he doesn’t go over the middle. Why would you send someone that can outrun everyone in the stadium on an 8-yard crossing pattern? Ted Ginn is going to be running wild and dazzling Dolphin fans in no time. If they have a QB that can get the ball in his hands, look out. Remember that move he made in the bowl game against Oklahoma State? Yeah, me too.

It was great to see Gonzo go in the first round as well. Indianapolis seems to have a thing for OSU players, taking Gonzales 32nd over all and picking up Pitcock and Hall in later rounds. Gonzo should be able to ease into the receiver corps in Indy, quietly making clutch catches and will still some how break Michigan fans’ hearts over and over.

Having Pittman fall to the fourth round was shocking to me. By all accounts, he dazzled the scouts with speed and strength and was looking really promising. One of the top 3 RBs by some accounts. Then to fall behind the likes of Tony Hunt and Garret Wolfe doesn’t seem right. Maybe they were worried about his size? Pittman runs the ball hard, he doesn’t just carry it. He runs it. New Orleans got a steal in the fourth round.

Finally, it pains me to see Troy Smith not only fall to the fifth round, but to also get picked up by the despicable Ravens. Steve McNair should be a great mentor for Troy and he’ll quickly regain his pre-championship game form. Of all the Buckeyes in this draft, Troy is the one I’m pulling for the most. I hope he has a stellar NFL career. I just don’t want it to be with the Ravens!

So that’s my take on this year’s draft. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll take a look at our prognistications for the draft later this week. I’m afraid to look.


  1. I have to agree with you that I’m pulling for Troy more than anyone; I really hope that being overlooked/snubbed by so many teams serves as further motivation for him.

    I also think that Gonzo will be a good fit for Indy (he’ll probably be able to start out at the #3 spot and will be able to learn a lot from Harrison and Manning) and will no doubt be making key receptions in the near future.

  2. Thomas Westhaguson says

    Troy has an uphill battle with the Ravens, and I mean up hil in the sense that he is going to be backing up, a very stable, successful, in excellent condition , Quarterback in Steve Mc Nair. He will also have the honor and opportunity of learning from a player who is willing to teach him any and all that he may be seeking, as well as get the opportunity to follow Mc Nair in a system (Baltimore Ravens) which seeks to extablish an offensive team comparable to its phenomal defensive system.

    Smith is an excellent quarterback who will not be wasting his time or skills as a Raven. He will hopefully have not the misfortune/turned opportunity circumstance which Vince experienced at Tennessee 2006-7, and will hopefull be willing to pay his duesand grow in the Raven franchise. But before he can undeerstand the importance of being patient with his offense, he has to first be patient with himself…and let the opportunities come.

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