Road to the Final Four: Game #4 vs. Memphis

Here we go, let’s see how long Oden can stay on the floor.

16:30, 1st half
#1 Ohio State 6
#2 Memphis 0

Good start to the game, Oden is asserting himself early on both ends. Good to see.

9:14, 1st half
#1 Ohio State 17
#2 Memphis 15

After starting out hot and fast, Ohio State has cooled off and Memphis has worked itself back into the game.

Good to hear the Raftery is still afflicted with that verbal tic of his.

6:22, 1st half
#1 Ohio State 23
#2 Memphis 23

First let me say how happy I am that the Buckeyes haven’t had a first half let down. The three isn’t dropping for them yet (but is naturally falling left and right for Memphis) but if they stay close, they will be just fine when it finally does drop.

And remember those things that Dorsey said about Oden being overrated? I wonder if that’s what he’s thinking about while he’s on the bench.

0:39.2, 1st half
#1 Ohio State 41
#2 Memphis 35

Mike Conley Jr.’s dad might be an olympic triple-jumper, but David Lighty almost jumped out of the Alamodome.

Mike Conley will simply not be denied.

#1 Ohio State 41
#2 Memphis 38

Maybe it’s just me, but the first half was relatively lack-luster. Maybe it was the slow start from three-land. Maybe it gets old watching Conley break down defenses and embarass defenders, but the first half didn’t feel like an Elite Eight game. Maybe it was because Ohio State looks like they actually want to play two full halves of basketball today.

18:29, 2nd half
#1 Ohio State 40
#2 Memphis 45

It’s great to see Matta bend the ref’s ears, because they are some horrible missed calls right now.

7:31, 2nd half
#1 Ohio State 66
#2 Memphis 64

Sorry for the lack of live updates, watching two kids while trying to watch the game and blog is harder than it sounds.

Memphis has really put itself in a difficult situation. With three players with four fouls each, they are really going to have to play conservatively. Hopefully OSU can finally bring the big boot down on the throat of its opponent and finish them off with authority. Oden sure is having his way inside when he doesn’t have to worry about fouls (or uncalled goal-tendings).

2:09, 2nd half
#1 Ohio State 82
#2 Memphis 72

This is the basketball team we knew was there, the super-talented Thad Five (+3). No letdown, no doubt about it.

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