Road to the Final Four: Game #2 vs. Xavier University

Block O.bmpHere’s the semi-live blog of Ohio State vs. Xavier.

15:51, 1st half
#1 OSU: 7
#9 Xavier: 4

It must be frustrating for Oden to be constantly getting hammered under the basketball. The guy can’t move without getting four hands slapping him. It must also get old. Watch for some serious dunks.

11:56, 1st half
#1 OSU: 9
#9 Xavier: 8

No one wants to make a shot and the refs seemed to have swallowed their whistles. Oden looks cold and the offense looks out of sync. Ron Lewis has been the lone bright spot thus far.

7:29, 1st half
#1 OSU: 16
#9 Xavier: 13

I’m always impressed how well Oden handles the calls against him. He hardly ever gets flustered. He’s starting to find some range and the ball is moving well for the Buckeyes. Someone other than Butler needs to make some shots outside the arc. Butler’s shot looked nice.

#1 OSU: 29
#9 Xavier: 25

If Duncan keeps hitting those threes, it’s going to be a problem, otherwise no one else for Xavier is really doing anything to hurt the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes are just getting unlucky bounces and the short end of the referee’s whistle. Matta will whip the boys into shape for the second half.

1:45, OT
#1 OSU: 72
#9 Xavier: 65

The 2nd half live-blogging was interrupted by my son’s birthday party, but right now I would kiss Ron Lewis on the mouth.

Final, OT
#1 OSU: 78
#9 Xavier: 71

Wow, what a game. Freshman Mike Conley, Jr. (did ya know? His dad was an olympic gold medalist) took Xavier’s back court to school and rolled off what, ten straight points? Whatever it was, he couldn’t be stopped. His steal with lss than a minute left was MONUMENTAL.

After stepping back to look at the big picture, I still think Ohio State is still in a good place. They didn’t shoot the ball exceptionally well, had no calls go their way, lost Oden to fouls and still came back from being 11 down. They need to work the ball through Oden more. Even if he isn’t looking to score every time down, he needs to touch the ball. Defense still gets lax at times, too. The competition only gets stiffer from here on out, so they need to bring their A game.


  1. Squeaked does not describe the closeness.


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