Road to the Final Four – Game #1 vs. Central Connecticut State

Block O.bmpWe’ll be doing a semi-live blog of OSU’s games in the NCAA Tournament, starting with today’s game against Central Connecticut. I’m already worried this could get ugly.

15:15, 1st half
#1 OSU: 14
#16 CConn: 3
Whoa, Buckeyes start out fast. Lewis and Butler hitting threes and Oden having his way on the boards. A good way to start things off.

11:06, 1st half
#1 OSU: 19
#16 CConn: 9
The three ball is keeping CConn close, but OSU’s defense is keeping everything else out of the interior. Butler looks extremely confident right now. Oden hasn’t asserted himself much yet, but really hasn’t needed to.

3:29, 1st half
#1 OSU: 29
#16 CConn: 17
Things look to be going as expected. Oden is cleaning the boards with elan, the guard play has been great and defense is playing well. In a word (or two): In control.

#1 OSU: 38
#16 CConn: 17
No points for Connecticut in the last few minutes of the first half, as OSU continued to hit its shots. I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen that OSU is playing the best basketball in the country, right now. I’m especially pleased with the play of Ron Lewis. He’s going through a resurgence and playing extremely well on both ends of the ball. This makes me happy, as I’m a big fan of Lewis. Rumble, big man.

I’m trying to find a flaw from the first half, I just haven’t found it. The only thing I’m worried about was Daequan Cook limping around there at the end of the half. He was clearly favoring his left leg. They can’t let that get worse.

15:47, 2nd half
#1 OSU: 49
#16 CConn: 24
You can’t stop Oden. You can’t even hope to contain him. He is a force of nature, an act of God. (Butler can shoot the pretty well, too)

7:41, 2nd half
#1 OSU: 63
#16 CConn: 46
What more can be said? OSU is simply the better team.

3:09, 2nd half
#1 OSU: 71
#16 CConn: 51
Now let’s just get out of the game healthy.

#1 OSU: 78
#16 CConn: 57
Bring on Xavier/BYU. Who would you rather see? I don’t think it matters.

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