Friday Fun: Top 5 moments of 2006, OSU Football

OSU FootballIt’s the return of the Friday Fun! Yeah for fun on Fridays! This week, we look at the Top 5 moments of OSU Football for us MotSaGers. We hope you’ll join in with your top 5 moments in the countdown. Here we go:


el Kaiser – This one may be out-there, but one of the best moments of 2006, for me, was Vince Young announcing for the NFL draft in the spring. I told anyone who’d listen that this opens the door for OSU’s chances for Glendale. That was a glorious day. It was a Sunday, if I remember correctly.

Zeke – Who can forget Joe Pa running off the field with the bowel issues. That was priceless.

sportsMonkey – Laurinaitis forcing a fumble against Texas at the goal line, for two reasons. First, because Texas was about to score, which would have made the game interesting. After the forced fumble, Texas gave up and OSU cruised to an easy victory. Secondly, it allowed fans to breathe a bit easier, knowing that the Little Animal was stepping up to fill A.J. Hawk’s shoes.


el Kaiser – The Heisman Trophy ceremony. I was a little put-off by the constant reminder of Troy’s past transgressions, but outside of that, ESPN did a good job building Troy up as a kid who overcame a lot of adversity to rise above and better himself. Troy was a class act all season long and this was just icing on the cake.

Zeke – 3rd and 1 play action pass Troy Smith to Ted Ginn Jr. in the Michigan game.

sportsMonkey – Smith to TGJr for a zillion-yard rainbow TD pass in the Fiesta Bowl (counts as 2006, right?) on their first possession. Ginn made all the overconfident Irish fans in the stands wet their pants a little. We have to play against this for the next three hours? I still remember Brent Musberger’s reaction: “Get out your adding machines, folks; here comes OSU.” IMO, this is the game that represented the peak of the entire recent OSU era; the offense was clicking like a machine and the defense was merciless.


el Kaiser – Troy Smith to Brian Robiskie in the back of the end zone, against Iowa. Everything about that play was perfect. Troy’s throw, before Robo was even looking, was pin-point perfect. Robiskie looked back and the ball was right on the money. Just another stellar play by Troy.

Zeke – Troy Smith wins the Heisman.

sportsMonkey – The OSU/UM game. Antonio Pittman providing the iconic image that will define the game’s legacy. Beanie Wells trampling and kicking through the entire ‘vaunted’ UM defense on his way to a 52-yard TD rush. OSU moving 98 yards in a few plays thanks to a huge 46-yard play between Smith and Robiskie, with the remaining yards provided on the most brilliantly executed misdirection move ever, as Troy went play-action to TGJr and threaded the needle on a 38-yard TD. You can see all these highlights here.


el Kaiser – Vernon Gholston’s one-arm beat down of Albert Young. You’ve seen the video a hundred times. You seen those arms even more. But those arms don’t haunt your nightmares like they do Young’s.

Zeke – Chris “Beanie” Wells spin move in the Michigan game.

sportsMonkey – Smith to Robiskie against PSU. The prototypical “Heisman highlight” clip.


el Kaiser – The entire Michigan game. I can’t pick a single play. Beanie’s spin move. Pittmans gash right up the gut. Troy’s play-action to Ginn. So many memories from one of the greatest OSU/UM games ever. It was thrilling, nerve wracking, ultimately satisfying. Is there a better way to end the season other than pounding Michigan? Methinks not.

Zeke – Troy Smith’s pass to Brian Robiskie in the Penn State game.

sportsMonkey – Gonzalez’s catch and scramble TD in the Iowa game. Again, any time you make Musberger say, “Are you kidding me?!?” you know it was a memorable play.

So let us know what your favorite moments were in the comments!


  1. I know my #5 has nothing to do with football per say, but it was a hilarious moment that I will remember about the season. I had to throw it in there. If I had to pick another football moment, I would agree with sportsMonkey the Gonzalez catch and run in the Iowa game was an amazing play.

    I forgot all about the one-armed tackle by Gholston, that was impressive as well.

  2. I love YouTube almost as much as OSU.

  3. Buckeye in Big D says

    5. Smith to Ginn for a TD after a great scramble in the IU game. why was that so great? I WAS THERE — something that isn’t easy when you live in Dallas.

    4. Nicklaus dotting the i.

    3. the two INTs against Penn State. without them the season might have ended there and then.

    2. FL being invited to the BCS game because that made the scUM score final and meaningful.

    1. the final TD against the Horns. It sealed the game and everyone there knew it. Just greatness, especially when you live amongst 80 million Whiny Orange fans.

  4. BiBD – I totally forgot about Niklaus. GREAT moment, thanks for reminding us.

    I agree with you about the INTs, too.

  5. Don’t let the rest of the game cloud the moment…but Ginn’s KO return for a TD to open the championship was freaking awesome. Can’t remember the last time I screamed like that…at least since the UM game.

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