Congrats to Bevo Sports

Blog/site newsThe CFBAs are being revealed today, and Bevo Sports has rightfully earned the Brady Quinn award. Your friendly MotSaGr’s were honored to finish runner-up.

The BQ is defined as the blog that is the most “aesthetically pleasing, while seamlessly incorporating new technologies.” Bevo Sports is a beautifully designed site, one of the few sites to pull off a visual metaphor effectively. Beyond the visuals, however, Bevo sports (ha! we r punny! ) a highly usable and navigable site. Our Texas brethren have done a mighty fine job.

The CFBA also folks burned our ears a little with a few kind words about MotSaG:

Our Runner Up, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, is equally outstanding. Another disciple of the simpler-is-better crowd, MOTSAG is crisply laid out without excess clutter. The headline banner is an attractive montage of Buckeye legends that serves as a perfect headline to the site’s mission.

Stories in the main column are not just categorized with worded labels – the authors also provide a graphic image at the beginning of the story which serves as notice of the story’s content category. Like Bevo Sports, the right column is clean and concise; readers are offered a slew of useful links and site navigation functions, without being burdened by hundreds of links and categories.

Aw, shucks, guys. **MotSaG looks at feet, kicks stones**

Props should also go to Burnt Orange Nation, Rocky Top Talk, and MGoBlog for all the hard work they’ve done on the CFBAs this year. (Let me know if I left any others out!)


  1. Congrats!

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    I am really digging your category image you have on each post. That is a really great idea.

    Great site by the way.


  1. […] When the nominations were announced, both Buckeye Commentary and Men of the Scarlet and Gray received nods for the "Brady Quinn Award" with Buckeye Commentary also up for Big Ten honors. When the dust settled, however, MGoBlog had won the Big Ten award, while Bevo Sports had bagged the Quinn with MotSaG finishing runner-up. […]

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