Ginn and Pittman Announcing today

OSU FootballWe had the bittersweet news from Gonzo last week and we’re expecting news from both Antonio Pittman and Ted Ginn, Jr. today.

I think it’s a foregone conclusion with Antonio Pittman. He’s holding his press conference from his high school in Akron, Ohio. It would seem odd that he would announce that he was staying away from campus, so Pittman is most likely gone. Pittman was a great running back and he’ll be missed, but this announcement should usher in the Beanie Era.

Ted Ginn, Jr. is a different story. The sportsMonkey and I were discussing this last week, and we were debating whether he would be going or not. His dad has said that his injury will not affect his decision. He’s projected as being picked in the middle of the first round, which is my argument for him going. The monkey thinks he’ll be coming back for a senior season, building his legacy from “Totally Awesome Buckeye” to “Super Hero Buckeye” status. He could shatter most receiving and returning records and help the younger Buckeyes learn the ropes. He could ascend to the Buckeye Mount Olympus.

We should know who’s going where today.

UPDATE (sportsMonkey here):
Michigan fans are now rejoicing. (Thanks to Woody Hayes for the update.)


  1. Woody Hayes says
  2. I am not disappointed to see anyone make millions of dollars and head to the NFL as early as possible…….I am pissed as hell at Pittman as he said 2 moths ago that he will be back next year to win a hiesman trophy.

  3. SYR – 2 months ago nobody had heard of McFadden or Hill, and Beanie was looking to be a bust. Things were looking up for Pittman. Kinda hard to judge him now when things have changed radically over the past two months. Not to mention that his O-line just decided two weeks ago that they weren’t going to show up when he and Smith needed them most.

    Besides, there’s no way an OSU RB wins the Heisman under Tressel, who will always split carries across two/three RBs. You need to either get 35 carries per game to get the stats, or be a Reggie Bush-type of RB that gets 15 carries, 10 catches, and 5 punt/kickoff returns per game.

    To me, Pittman’s defection doesn’t hurt as much as Ginn’s loss will.

  4. Allthough I dont disagree with you……I openly chastised Nick Saban for lying. I must do the same to Pittman now. If you are in the public dont make statements that will come back to bite you in the rear.

    Personnally I believe that the Spaghetti gate had a lot to do with Pittmans decision. Which is why I am mad at him. He knew his family had no money and they needed him to go PRO 2 months ago so he should have just kept his options open so he wouldnt look like a BIG FAT LIAR.

    Good luck to him and once a BUCKEYE always a BUCKEYE. (except for that one person whose name shall not be said on here)

  5. SYR – just out of curiosity, do you have a link to when Pittman said he’d be back? If he really did do a 180, then you have a point. Might be worth a post.

    I agree with you about spaghetti-gate being the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” I wouldn’t come back after that mess, no matter what I had said earlier.

  6. I’m glad Pittman hung it up, it will give Boom, Saine and Beanie more playing time and they’ll get better faster. This gives Saine the spotlight with Ginn gone. Got to get these guys playing time early to have a chance of beating Mallett over the 08 to 09 seasons. That’s going to be very difficult with Mallett dominating the Big Ten for several years.


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