Wells to transfer?

OSU FootballI noticed people are coming to the site in search of information about Maurice Wells transferring to another school at the end of the year. Wells is apparently struggling with the transition from being a prep school all-star to being relegated to the third string. He’s considering a transfer to an ACC or SEC school. He’s done the right thing and said he won’t make a decision until after Monday’s game, but I think it’s a foregone conclusion, especially with Brandon Saine coming in next year. Maurice sees the writing on the wall.

Maurice is quoted in the Columbus Dispatch as saying:

“But just being on a team is not all I want. I want to play and hopefully make it to the next level, or at least have a chance. And if I feel I can’t do that at Ohio State I would definitely leave.”

This would be the second running back to leave this year. Erik Haw left before the season started.


  1. I don’t get this…

    Next year he’ll be getting at least a third of the carries, assuming Pittman leaves. And, he’ll be the go-to-guy should Beanie get injured.

    It’s not like Saine will automatically get the same responsibilities that Beanie got this year.

    I wonder if this is a “if Pittman stays, I’m gone” thing. Maybe he’s waiting on Antonio’s announcement?

  2. i say good riddance lol………most know I hate that guy.

  3. Proudbuck67 says

    Maybe Mo should see the example of Willie Parker of the Steelers. Parker never saw the field at North Carolina and is on the verge of being an all pro in the League. Some food for thought.

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