CBJI blame Drew and TruthSerum.

Too many times, I’ve gotten burned. Stayed up past midnight to watch the Jackets lose.

Last night, I was a bad fan. “Oh, I’ll keep an eye on the score, but I am not committing 2-1/2 hours to another west coast game, especially when it starts after 10pm and is against the NHL-leading Ducks.”

So, I lazed in bed, flipping back and forth between the Jackets/Ducks game and Young Frankenstein, keeping an eye on the score but refusing to get “into” the game.

    “He would have an enormous svwahnshtuger. Woof.”
    Period 2: Ducks 1, Jackets 0

    “It was Abi… someone. Yes… Abi… normal. I’m almost sure that was the name.”
    Period 2: Ducks 2, Jackets 0

    “Come back!! Aw… I was gonna make espresso.”
    Period 3: Ducks 3, Jackets 0

Sheesh. So not only are the Jackets gonna lose, but looks like another shutout. I felt bad for those folks that were going to stay up until 12:30 to see another embarrassing collapse. I’ve learned my lesson.

So, I turned the TV off, just moments before the most exciting comeback in recent CBJ memory. Apparently, within ten minutes, the Jackets scored four goals to win the game, the last with only 1:20 left on the clock. The period even included Norrena turning away a dramatic penalty shot with 21 seconds remaining to keep the victory assured.

Curse my remote-control-pressing thumb.

I feel bad for missing the victory, of course, but I feel a little ashamed of my desire to not stay up late watching the Blue Jackets get burned again. I guess it bordered on bandwagon-ish behavior. Are you a fan, or not? I ask myself. Ah, well. I suppose I now realize that one of the “pros” of the possible realignment is that we won’t have to deal with this on a regular basis anymore. Almost all our games would be against teams in the UT-5 zone.

As for me, I’m off to watch the highlights now.

Recap: Jackets 4, Ducks 3, Mel Brooks 0

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