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Blog/site newsFirst off, a big thanks to the sportsMonkey for providing some great stuff while the rest of the MotSaG staff slacked off. Now we’re all back from our extended holiday break, and we’re fired up for a certain bowl game just a few days away. I myself just got a new HDTV so I am eagerly anticipating my first Buckeye game in High Definition. is doing their “Battle of the Blogs” again, and we’ve been tapped to contribute. Our piece will be going up next Monday, but they’ve already posted the first matchup. Poor Pfef was matched up against the blogging-wunderkind Orson Swindle, but I think we can safely say that Pfef not only held his own, but wrote a pretty darn good piece. We’re hoping to present a good argument ourselves, but our subject is a little more involved.

Besides football, how about those Buckeye cagers? After watching the Florida game last month, it was obvious that the team is still gelling, still finding its identity. One of the commentators last night made a good point about this team versus last year’s team. While this year’s team is probably much more talented than the team last year, last year’s team had great chemistry. Dials quietly led the team while the other players fed off each other. This year’s team has so much fire power that sometimes it doesn’t look like their playing cohesively as a team. I think the Big Ten season will work out those wrinkles, but once that chemistry is established this year, look out.

And enough can not be said about the way Oden and Conley are playing. The whole “Thad Five” are playing up to the expectations, but those two are not playing like freshmen. Oden is a manchild and Conley has some disgusting moves. They are fun to watch, especially when they’re beating Indiana. Oh how I loathe thee, Indiana!

We hope to have some time over the next few days to look at matchup with the Gators. I haven’t been watching the line since this game was set, but it seems like a lot of the talking heads are starting to bail off the OSU bandwagon, shacking up with the Gators. Maybe they seven week layoff has made people forget about what the Buckeyes have done. This is the team who averaged over 36 points a game (Florida averaged 28.8). Did they forget how the OSU defense that had to replace NINE starters only allowed 10.4 points (Florida gave up 13.5). Did they forget who won the Heisman? They can go with who they want. We know who we’ll be backing come January 8th.

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