Octopi 5, CBJ 0

CBJ*groan* The Columbus Bipolar Jackets gave two points to Detroit last night. Just handed it to them. Wrapped it up in a big box with a festive red and white bow and handed it to the Wings, who then proceeded to tear into it like an aroused spider monkey after a triple-espresso.

Deadspin’s link to the fiasco read:

“Columbus falls out of the suck tree and hits every branch on the way down, and then rolls into the brutal well.”


It was a bad game. So bad I don’t want to write about it. You can go to theusualsuspects for more analysis.

I’ll infuriate you with a quote from AP sports:

“It was a good bounce-back effort for Hasek, who was lifted after allowing three first-period goals in a 4-3 loss on Monday night in Columbus.

“‘We know we’re a better team,” he said. “And if you want to be a contender, a top team in the NHL, you can’t lose two games in a row to a team like Columbus.”’

Double Ouch.

So, there’s a silver lining?

Yup. Even considering last night’s spanking, so far in December the Jackets have earned 13 out of 20 points (including that awesome 11-of-12 run earlier in the month). Plus, the schedule is a bit more favorable over the coming week, so that % should improve. If they win even half of December’s remaining six games, they’ll finish with having earned at least 59% of the month’s points (compared to November’s 25%). Improvement continues.


  1. That Hasek quote is pretty infuriating, but you know what — he’s right. The CBJ have done nothing in their 6 seasons of existence to earn much respect around the NHL.

    Hitch is a move in the right direction (and sadly, probably enough to save Dougie’s job), but for the talent on the roster, the Jackets shouldn’t be one of the four worst teams in the league every season.

  2. Jason – I totally agree. Hasek’s quote was insulting, but sadly on-target.

    I just hope the Jackets continue to improve. Even if it’s slow, I may get impatient but will still be happy with a steady improvement.

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