Why Troy Why?

OSU Footballncf_troy_portrait_195.jpgI never thought I would have to make this post. I am a lifelong Buckeye fan. I stay true to my team and players. I am now ashamed of myself for having to do this post. I have always and I mean always said that my two favorite Buckeye players of all time are Eddie George and Mike Nugent. Most can understand why Eddie and true Buckeye lovers know why the NUGGGGG gets my vote.

Here is my problem I have been chanting Eddie and NUGGGGG for so long that I dont know how to explain my next thought to myself or anyone else. Both Eddie and the NUGGG have taken a side seat (not a back seat) to a guy named Troy.

I should start off by saying I was the biggest supporter of Justin Zwick of all my friends and so much to the point that I was mad that they wasted another scholarship on Troy as thier last scholarship. I complained when they started to play Troy some over Zwick. I may have even booed him a little on the inside. Then something happened, I dont know when it was or what game but I took notice of Troy and started to cheer him some on the inside and then a little on the outside to my closest friends.

I now realize that regardless if he wins the Heisman Trophy this weekend (He will dont worry) or if he wins a NC this January (once again he will). TROY SMITH is my favorite BUCKEYE of all time.

I say this with the most respect for all the BUCKEYE players who have ever played the game. When I tell my kids and grandkids about the last 3 years of OSU football, I will proudly say that the Best QB to ever play at OSU was Troy Smith, and I was lucky enough to see him play and watch him go from my least to my all time favorite player. That I was wrong about Troy and he was nice enough to prove me wrong throughout his wonderful career.

Thank you Troy Smith for the many wonderful plays and games and most of all for being the kind of player and person that I can tell my children to strive to be like,

Troy Smith = Best Buckeye of All-Time.


  1. I just wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention. It seems like the media’s obsession with tearing down our school and its’ academic standards is starting early this year. I always thought that the Clarett academic story was a witch hunt of sorts, and this “editorial” feels the same way.


    My feeling is that Ohio State does not systematically acedmically ignore African-American football players. That’s crazy to even suggest that. Since all but ONE school shown in the graphic has a gap between Black and White football player graduation rates, then this is more of a socio-economic problem. At least we aren’t UGA fans (23%…yikes!!).

  2. A huge Zwick fan? Say it ain’t so!

    I can’t say I’ve EVER been a big Zwick fan, but then again I’m biased. I graduated with his older brother (another over-rated QB, who actually played for YSU under Tressel; though not much) and my kid brother played with Justin. He and his brother have always had the same M.O.: a good QB when the game is well in hand who absolutely collapses when the game is close (particularly so when their team is behind). Now in Justin’s defense, he’s better than his brother…but that really isn’t saying much.

    I knew when OSU put in Zwick to engineer the final drive against Texas in 05′ that we were screwed. And low and behold, he didn’t disappoint.

    Thank god for Troy Smith!

  3. Everyone wants to know how good Quinn would have been if he had OSU’s offense to work with. We had Quinn… only he was called Zwick.

    Highly touted, way above average ability, able to start anywhere, but in a system with Troy Smith, he rides the pine.

    To me, it’d be hard for any Buckeye to pass up Archie Griffin as the best ever… I’ll have to think about that one for awhile. Is Smith’s legacy going to last longer and have just as much respect as Griffin’s? Hmm…

  4. I was all about Zwick till the ’03 Purdue game. I was in the South End Zone of Ross-Aide stadium watching Troy Smith bring us back almost single handedly after the offense fluttered with Zwick all season. Flash forward to the 68 yard touchdown pass to Gonzo against Michigan and I have never looked back. I don’t know what I’m going to do next year … at least I have Beenie.


    I still think Eddie took my Cherry though.

  5. baby jesus says

    Zwick is good but he came along at the wrong time. He played under a gawd awful O-line and terribly mediocre rb’s. Troy had the ability to beat you with his legs and arm and keep the chains moving. The only thing that really kept troy back was Tressel and Troy when you think about it. Tressel for being so predictable and conservative on offense and Troy for being a young knucklehead and taking 500 bucks from that idiot booster. But then came Penn St and the lights finally went on for the cocaching staff and Troy. The thing i’m most proud about is that Troy seized oppurtunity and wasn’t scared to lead other men. He is truly one of the most unselfish players I’ve ever seen and I only hope he continues that when he goes 1st round in the draft next season……..

  6. I agree. I met Eddie George in the Ohio Union when I was in school, and I never thought someone else would be my favorite Buckeye ever. I now have a white number ten jersey hanging in my closet. Until at least someone else comes along and beats Michigan three straight times, Troy Smith = favorite Buckeye ever. Read my blogpost from today about him: http://mycasualthoughts.com/2006/12/chunky-soup-anyone.html

    Keep up the good work guys. I read your blog all the time.

  7. all of your guys responses are appreciated…..just know that it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to actually say Troy is my favorite of all time…..

  8. As a boilermaker fan, I admire Troy Smith. He is a winner and a helluva leader. I was most impressed with the comeback he led in the big house last year. I am glad that we haven’t had to face him the last 2 years. To think that Purdue is undefeated against Troy Smith is boggling.

  9. I cant believe Smith lost to Quinn for the Maxwell. Its a disgrace.
    Lets compare QB ratings (and ignore the fact Brady Quinn has lost every big game and Troy is undefeated)
    Smith against top 3 opponents: 150 QB rating, 3-0
    Quinn against top 3 opponents: 110 QB rating, 1-2

  10. Well, before I get to Troy, there is no doubt that Chris Spielman is my favorite Buckeye, with Keith Byars a close second. Watching Byars run out of his shoe, then outrun the defense is still crystal clear in my head.

    But Spielman…people forget how good he was. 205 tackles in 1986. THAT’S RIGHT, 205 TACKLES! He was a machine from Massillon.

    As for Smith…I agree 100%. I felt the same way you did back in the day. I wanted Zwick to be a gunslinger…your prototypical Marino…

    Splitting with Smith ticked me off.

    Then, when Smith missed a game for the $500, I, like many, wrote him off. Fortunately for us, and for OSU, that’s the moment he chose to right the ship, listen to coach Tressel, and become the player he is today.

    He’s not my favorite Buckeye of all time, but he IS, without a doubt, the best QB in OSU history.

    Love your blog man, check out mine if you ever get a chance.

  11. The Maxwell award has become a disgrace to college football…….it has become the award given to the 2nd best CFB player every year lately…..I give it no credit. I was happy to see Troy give such a joyous reaction to Brady winning it though.

  12. SYR – Everyone knows that Smith deserved the Maxwell… and that’s the most important point. 😉

    Quinn had a good season, is probably the second or third most valuable player in CFB, and broke all those records at ND… so they had to give him something.

    I consider it a “Bad Timing Award,” as in “sorry you just happened to be playing football when Troy Smith was. Bad Timing for you, so here you go.”

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