Laurinaitis wins the Bronko Nagurski

OSU FootballLaurinitis and TrophyThe Little Animal brought home the first of many awards for our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes. He won the Bronko Nagurski award as the nation’s Top Defensive Player. The Nagurski award is given out annually by the Charlotte Touchdown Club.

UPDATE (sportsMonkey here): Laurinaitis is the first Buckeye to win the award, and the first ever sophomore winner. The redemption for AJ Hawk’s 2005 snub is now officially underway…


  1. Thanks for the update sportsmonkey…..

  2. Good for James! The kid is as good a football player as his dad was a “sports entertainer”. Here’s wishing him continued success and good health — he’s a phenomenal linebacker, and I expect him to only get better.

  3. SYR – no problemo. I just saw that nugget about him being the “first” and thought it’d be good to throw in in there!

    Did you see that interview with his father? “My dad is the little animal now.” Coooool.

  4. AJ was better.

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