OSU vs. North Carolina, Semi-live update

OSU LogoI figured I’d do a little live blog of the Buckeyes game. I’ll update this post periodically throughout the game.

Incredible first half. Buckeyes up by four. The Buckeyes are absolutely unconscious from three-point land. Currently 8-12. Lewis and Butler are playing great. I didn’t think the Buckeyes would be able to keep up the fast tempo for the whole twenty minutes but they hung with the Tarheels. The freshmen are playing excellent as well. Twiggy is actually playing very well against Hansbrough, which is commendable. Buckeyes are looking good. They need to stay out of fould trouble and keep shooting the lights out.

OSU: 48
North Carolina: 44

11:28 left
After surviving a 9-0 run by Carolina to start the half, the Buckeyes claw back into the game with a flurry of three’s from Harris.

North Carolina: 62

6:14 left
So I take it that if Hansbrough is dancing, his doesn’t have to actually dribble the ball, right? Got it.

OSU: 72
North Carolina: 80

Game Over
Ohio State’s shots simply didn’t drop at key times in the second half while North Carolina stepped up the pressure on defense and made some huge shots. It was a good game and I think the Buckeyes are in a good place. The #1 rating was definitely based on the voter’s perception of how the future Buckeyes will play, not necessarily how they’re playing now. When Oden comes back (I don’t know if you heard, he’s coming back) this will be a completely different team.

OSU: 89
North Carolina: 98

And Dick Vitale. I know a lot of people love to hate him. I listen to him and sometimes I love his excitement, but there are times (see the comments below) when I want to grab a steak knife and drive it into my ear drum. Arrgh. If I heard them refer to how “Oden is coming” one more time, I think I would have snapped.


  1. Vitale just said “How could you not get excited?” three consecutive times, while nothing was happening.

  2. Jack,

    Hahaha, yeah, I heard that, too.

    Talent over chemistry, baby. Talent over chemistry.


  3. Sorry for the double post there, el Kaiser. 🙂 Looks like we were on the same page.

    To a lot of folks, it looked like NC got better as the game went on, but I don’t think that’s what happened. NC was playing consistent the entire game, but pulled away when OSU had its two dry spells in the early second half.

    No way OSU loses that game if Oden plays. This team is for real.

  4. valiant effort, and finally an OSU game is on TV in Columbus Ohio rofl

  5. The Buckeyes are the real deal! I can’t wait to see this team in a month with Oden on the floor. They could have put a tutu on Tyler Hansborough after all of those steps he took (especially with about 6 minutes left in the game).

  6. These guys are so much fun to watch and SO fffreaking good. It’s gonna be scary when Oden gets in the lineup. Serious contenders for two Major National Champtionships in the same year. Yeah, baby!

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