I sold my soul to God in 2002;
now I need your help.

OSU FootballI promised God that if he would allow my Buckeyes to win a national championship in 2002, I would never complain again about Ohio State coaches or players or playcalling or about any losses, and that I wouldn’t go into a coma after a loss to Michigan, like I did during the Cooper era.

So you maybe asking yourself why am I bringing this up. I can’t sell my soul again. I need another passionate, Hang on Sloopy loving, scarlet and gray bleeding, OSU fan to make the same deal that I did.

Sell your soul to God, NOT the devil (Michigan fan). Make this deal and I assure you we will win handily and will enjoy another NC. Then a few years from now you must make this same plea to fellow Buckeyes.


  1. Don’t worry, dude, I got your back. I also root for the Detroit Tigers, and in their World Series run this year I got to doing some thinking: Who would I rather see win a championship, Ohio State football or Tiger baseball?

    Well, I chose Buckeye football, of course. The Tigers then proceeded to stink up the World Series while Ohio State has dominated almost every game this season. So like, I already made my deal. We should be safe this season.

  2. I’m on it.

  3. I’m in.

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