Why there will be no rematch in the BCS
NC game in simplest form….

FootballThere is absolutely no chance that the BCS and every other conference in the NCAA will allow the Big 10 to have both teams in the game. There are 42 million reasons for this not to happen. That is the approximate payout for the two teams that play in the NC game, which tOSU and scUM would have to share with the rest of the Big 10. That would take money away from another conference and/or team. If there is one thing I have learned in my 21+ years of being a college football fan, it is that it is all just a business… No one will allow this to happen unless every other contender loses again.


  1. If USC takes care of their business, they will be there with the Buckeyes. But, if they stumble against any of their final opponents, then I have to feel that the SEC is not going to allow themselves to be shutout of this dance again. That conference is just too powerful to not have a team in the BCS Championship Game for this long. Look for Florida or Arkansas to be the Buckeyes opponent if the Trojans falter.

  2. are you sure about this? i know that in past years the bcs capped payouts to a conference — a conference with two teams in did NOT get 2x the payout. i haven’t looked at the agreements this year but i suspect that is still the case.

  3. I don’t really care who we play for the title, as long as they bring a decent game. I was reading this morning that a bunch of OSU fans wanted to play Rutgers… I say give props to them for their season, but do we really want to play a creampuf for the title?

    If USC wins out against ND and UCLA, I say lets pound them for the title, even if we have to endure the 12pete dynasty BS. (Oh, did the glass football get moved to another trophy case, all I see is one here).

    Otherwise, if Michigan is going to be the only worth oponent, I could watch them get pounded by the Buckeyes again and again… Fear not…!!!

  4. John- it use to not do multi team payouts…..but the past few years they have payed both big 10 teams…….So they changed it within the past few years.

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