Ohio State/Michigan semi-live-update

Ohio State: 42
Michigan: 39

Big Ten Champs!

It’s kick-off!

First Quarter
Michigan strikes first, a nice drive engineered by Henne and Mannigham. Crap!

OSU: 0 Michigan: 7

Seniors rule! Troy Smith took them down the field, utilizing Roy Hall’s inhuman arms to catch his passes, marching down the field without much trouble, converting third downs like it was their job and answering Michigan’s TD with a TD of their own.

OSU: 7 Michigan 7

A couple drives for each team ending in punts for each time. Ending the quarter tied.

End of the First Quarter

Start of the Second Quarter

Akron’s #1 boy just went straight up the gut on Michigan’s “Vaunted D” and absolutely embarassed the Michigan secondary. How do they not catch Beanie? We’ll call that run “Backbreaker #1”. Did you see that spin move he made? Chris Wells hit the X-button and ran right up the gut. Touchdown Ohio State.

OSU: 14 Michigan: 7

Did they just make up a new rule? We talked about it here, and we’ve never seen a “roughing the snapper” penalty. Wow. Just wow.

Did Boomer Esiason just take a snap and fake out the entire universe with that play-action pass? Jim Tressel is a genius and Troy Smith is winning the Heisman trophy in front of the nation. Ted Ginn is HUGE.

OSU: 21 Michigan: 7

Well, congratulations Carr & company, it appears the refs are determined to help you score, so you finally took advantage of yet another phantom call and Arrington got behind the secondary to take in a score for the bad guys.

OSU: 21 Michigan: 14

Completely, COMPLETELY unfazed, Troy Smith just marched the Buckeyes straight down the field, 80 yards without any resistance. Troy Smith is shredding the Michigan secondary and the vaunted front four can not reach Smith. Touchdown to Gonzo after a nice and smooth drive.

OSU: 28 Michigan: 14

End of the first half

Not sure what else to say thus far, Ohio State’s offense has been lights-out and the defense has played well. I’m feeling good so far. Thirty minutes to go.

Start of the Third Quarter

Michigan shows they can move the ball without the refs help, as Hart just ripped out the D’s heart with a couple big runs. That wasn’t pretty.

OSU: 28 Michigan: 21

Troy Smith tried to sneak a pass in and was denied and Michigan was gifted a ball inside the 30, but in typical fashion, couldn’t convert the turnover into a touchdown. Fieldgoal, Rivas.

OSU: 28 Michigan: 24

Wow, that didn’t take long. I thought Michigan was tough against the run? Hmm, two runs of 50+ yards would beg to differ. Antonio Pittman and Chris Wells would like to differ, as well. Pittman, right through the teeth of the Michigan D, touchdown.

OSU: 35 Michigan: 24

Crap! Bad snap leads to another chance for Michigan to get back into the game. Troy took his eyes off the ball just long enough to let the ball squirt free. Crap! Let’s hope the D can hold the Wolverines to a FG.

End of the Third Quarter

Start of the Fourth Quarter
Fifteen minutes left until Glendale.

One play, possibly six points. It looks like that play should stand, so now the Buckeyes have to hold the 2pt conversion.

Sweet! They just overturned the call. Here comes the snap. Mike Hart, over the right side. Now we need to hold the 2 points.

OSU: 35 Michigan: 31

After some back and forth action, and Troy Smith takes them down the field, he and Robiskie then hookup for Troy’s fourth touchdown. Time is now running out on Michigan’s hopes for Glendale.

OSU: 42 Michigan 31

Henne valiantly drove Michigan down for a quick score and converted on the two point conversion, but on the on-side kick, Ginn wrapped his sure hands around and sealed the deal.

End of the Fourth Quarter

OSU: 42
Michigan: 39

Clearly, this was the mini-championship. Michigan is clearly a great team, perhaps still deserving at a shot at the Buckeyes in the championship game. Wow.


  1. el Kaiser… I disagree that UM deserves a mulligan for the title. They had their shot.

    I agree with Carr and Tressel that no team deserves a shot at the title if they haven’t won their conference.

    How about over 200 yards against the ‘vaunted’ UM rush defense? Almost ten times more than their average! And whoda thunk OSU could put up over 520 yards on that UM defense?!?

  2. I have to check my ESPN College Football Encyclopedia, but have we ever had a coach start 5-1 against Michigan. I know that Troy and kids going 3-0 is huge, but 5-1 is, I think, unprecedented.

    I was suprised we didn’t see more famous people on the sidelines, just Jeter? I knew we wouldn’t see Nickelback, but geez.

    So does this thing turn to Basketball now for the next 50 days? Don’t give me the same line Jim Lachey tried on his sign off today that Paul Keels has a job to do for 50 days and he’s just going to hang out with his family. Is Mattanac the Magnificent around the corner?

  3. Just heard the most classless statement from Mike Hart. He thinks they were the better team.

    “We knew we could run all day on them. Their defense ain’t nothing special.”

    Uhhh… and the “best” defense in the country giving up over 500 yards is “special?” And, btw, Pittman got more yards than you, doofus. OSU had two backs that had longer runs than you.

    What a terrible, terrible sport Mike Hart is.

  4. Monkey – it’s classic Winslow Jr. disease. Matt Leinart had it last year after they lost to Texas and it looks like Hart caught it, too.

    BTW, Hart had 3 more yards than Pittman. Of course, he had 5 more carries, but who’s counting, right?

  5. Woody Hayes says

    Western civilization has been saved and the princess is not in another castle this time, Woody be praised.

  6. Woody be praised, indeed.

  7. To bad the refs gave that last td to osu. on 3rd an long the reciever was clearly out of bounds before being ” forced out”. chalk one up for the refs.

  8. CJS – not sure what you’re talking about… Robiskie’s feet were clearly in the end zone, all high-def replays showed this, the officials reviewed to make sure, etc.

    Also, there was no UM player anywhere near him, so I don’t know what you mean by being forced out. Robo did a simple stop pattern, the defender fell down, he caught the ball, and handed it to the refs.


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