Week # 12 – Michigan – Open Thread

OSU FootballThe day is here. The day productivity approaches zero in offices around Columbus and Ann Arbor. Where a million fans go over a million scenarios. Arguments will be made. Angles will be examined and reexamined. Message boards will light up with idiots and pundits alike. Blogs, this year more than ever, will be a twitter with the anticipation of the game that has defined the 2006 season. Would OSU finish as it started — ranked #1. Would Michigan, coming off a disappointing season, rise to the occasion and make this game one of the biggest game of the century?

Well, the stars have aligned, the cards have fallen into place and the table has been set. This game couldn’t get bigger. Couldn’t be hyped any more. Just for a minute, let’s let that all sink in. We are in the midst of something historic.

First, the previews. I could link them until kingdom come and still miss one. We’d be remiss to not link Buckeye Planet and The O-Zone, as they’be been excellent sources all year long. The guys at Burnt Orange Nation have a good statistical comparison, but this is the Michigan/Ohio State game. Stats don’t mean bug-squat. Brian at MGoBlog has some great stuff, including video from the OSU/Texas and OSU/Iowa games. He’s got some excellent analysis.

On the good guys side, The Buckeye Expat has some great stuff up. Eleven Warriors, The 614 and Pfef are not to missed, either. Like I said, I could go on, but I’m close to reaching my link limit.

I don’t think much more can be said that hasn’t already been said. The Buckeyes come into the game with one of the best offenses and a great defense. Michigan comes in with one of the best defenses and a pretty good offense. (See what I did there?). It’s the whole “Unstoppable force versus Immovable Object” conundrum. It’s going to be a work of art, a piece of brutal poetry, a battle of wits.


Normally we have a handful of items to predict. This game means to much to sully with silly prognostications. Just your prediction of the score for this one, Buckeye Fans. Vegas is favoring OSU by 7. What say you?

I say OSU: 27 Michigan: 16

sportsMonkey says: OSU 23, Michigan 13

Sylvester Yon-Rambo says: OSU 31, Michigan 9…..I Dont Give A Damn About The Whole State Of Michigan, Cause I’m From OHIO…….O H

Zeke says: OSU 24, Michigan 17


  1. It just feels like this is our year no matter what. OSU 31- Michigan 14…I think we prove to the country we deserve #1.

  2. I O!

  3. Michigan 28
    Ohio State 27

    Missed FG by OSU wins it for Michigan

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