CBJI’ve been waiting to chime in on the recent lethargic performance of the CBJ.

First, I was hoping it was only that the Jackets were having a hard time getting up to speed after the long layoff (2 games in 10 days).

Then, when things weren’t getting better, I started wondering if the team chemistry was out of synch due to the injuries to Fedorov, Berard, et. al. Maybe when Feddy came back, I thought, things would take off (like they did when he reported last December). But no.

Last night’s pathetic performance against the Sharks (3-0) should have been the CBJ’s coming out party. Sergei’s return should have sparked the team (it certainly sparked the fans), and he always plays well against San Jose. Granted, the Sharks look very good this year, but my nephew’s junior league could have played with more effort than the Jackets did last night.

Fedorov: “Look everyone, I’m flying with the Blue Jackets! Huh? What’s that?
The Blue
Angels? Awww, crap.”

It’s hard to pin down the exact reason. Is it the blueliners? Are we missing Denis more than we thought we would? If defense is the problem, then why are we not getting shots on goal during 5 on 3 power plays? Why are almost all the players lumbering after the puck instead of attacking it?

This isn’t a question of the CBJ getting soundly beat by other teams, it’s almost like they’re beating themselves for the other squads. I have some polite requests:

To Sergei Fedorov: Do whatever you did last December, please.

To Adam Foote: This is your team, dude. Set the bar by playing harder yourself.

To Rick Nash: Take the shot. Just take it. For crying out loud, stop trying to be Zherdev with the finesse, sudden stops, and fancy twists, & just use your speed to outrace everyone and take the shot.

To Nick Zherdev: Take the shot. Just take it. For crying out loud, stop trying to be Nash with the speed and the 500 mph pucks, & just use your finesse to fake everyone out and take the shot.

To (putting on my Jeff Rimer voice) Zhiiilll-beyaar Broo-lay (Gilbert Brule): Keep it up. Stay mad that they had the nerve to put you on the fourth line. It’s helping.

To Shelly and Tollefson: As much as I am against violence, would you please try to intimidate someone by checking them into the Nationwide parking lot? I’ve always liked Shelly – but honestly, I’ve only seen a handful of good shifts from him this season. Tollefson – some good effort here. Keep it up. I just wish he was a teeensy bit faster. Maybe we could build a little ice ramp for him to build up speed, or add some little Wile E. Coyote rockets to his skates or something.

To me, whenever a team has this much talent, and yet doesn’t perform, you’ve gotta look at coaching. Gallant certainly says the right things, but this team has no chemistry or fire. Is that a coaching problem? I think it might be. So far, I’ve had no problem with Gallant, but it’s hard to see where he stops and Doug MacLean starts.

Sigh. Another slow start. I hope it’s an aberration this time.


  1. Woody Hayes says

    For some reason I’ve never been able to get into the Blue Jackets. I love hockey and have had OSU men’s hockey for fifteen+ years now I guess it has been. As far as pro stuff goes my heart has been with the Rangers ever since when I was just a wee lad I developed a mancrush on Mark Messier. I’ve only been to one Blue Jackets game and while I had fun, my heart just wasn’t in it. I guess they can’t just plop a team down and say “You guy over there, root for them,” and then have it happen automatically. I’m sure there are some true fans of the Blue Jackets and for their sake I hope the team does well but I just can’t cheer for them because my allegiances are elsewhere.

    Long live the Chill!

    /end hurried post that didn’t flow at all


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