Week #8 – Indiana – Open Thread

OSU FootballWelcome to another Open Thread, where we get hyped up about this week’s opponent, look at strengths and weaknesses, we look at match-ups, which ones will give the Buckeyes trouble, which ones we can exploit, and … wait a minute, we’re playing Indiana this week? Okay, nevermind about weaknesses and matchups. Let’s talk about more important things, like where the heck am I going to watch this game?!

If you are interested in looking at Indiana in detail, Buckeye Planet and The O-Zone are always great places to start. Sure, Indiana just had a HUGE upset (for them) over Iowa, but Keith reminds us that Iowa wasn’t exactly 100% last week. Good for Indiana, but come on now. The Glenville Tarblooders could have beaten that injured Iowa team.

Let’s be perfectly honest: there’s not a snowball’s chance Indiana comes into the ‘Shoe and does anything but lose by five touchdowns. Troy Smith and Antonio Pittman are salivating right now, thinking of the numbers they are going to put up on this team. Ginn wonders if he can back-pedal a punt return and still make people miss. Pitcock and Gholston are betting who can make Kellen Lewis cry harder. Kirk Barton is discussing which side of the offensive line is prettier (no, I’m being serious)


Kirk on which side of the offensive line is better: “Me and (right guard) T. J. (Downing) are better looking than the left side. They’re younger and they’re obviously going to be very good players, but right now me and T. J. have the looks department locked down.”

I’d have to agree, they’re a couple handsome men.

So yeah, no one’s really worried, right? Vegas has us favored by 30 points. What say you?

What about the defense? How many yards do we surrender to the Hoosiers? (o/u 275)

Ted Ginn Jr, a punt, and the endzone. All in the same play?

How many TDs does Troy Smith account for? (o/u 4)

Does Laurinaitis get a pick this week?

el Kaiser’s predictions:
Score: OSU: 45 IU: 9
Defense: under, 274 yards
Ted Ginn Jr: no, but he gets one close
Troy Smith: over, 5
Laurinaitis: He returns to his thieving ways, grabbing a pick in the third quarter.

Zeke’s predictions:
Score: OSU: 41 IU: 6
Defense: under, 229 yards
Ted Ginn Jr: Yep, 2 weeks in a row
Troy Smith: under, 3
Laurinaitis: Not this week

Sylvester Yon-Rambo’s predictions:
Score: OSU: 56 IU: 0
Defense: under, 118 yards
Ted Ginn Jr: yes, He gets 2 returns for TDs
Troy Smith: over, 6
Laurinaitis: I believe he gets 1 pick and 2 FF with 1 recovery and 2.5 TFL

sportsMonkey’s predictions:
Score: OSU: 45 IU: 6
Defense: under, 175 yards
Ted Ginn Jr: If they punt to him at least three or four times, then yes, he’ll take one to the house. But I don’t think they’ll punt to him more than once or twice.
Troy Smith: 4
Laurinaitis: Yes, 1 pick. Something tells me the Little Animal will have a Butkus-like day tomorrow.


  1. Jeff @ The BBC says

    FYI…every Damon’s Grill location has ESPNU. You might want to get there early, but I know they’ve got it.

    I’ll go for a prediction of 52-10. Smith throws for three more TDs and 250 yards. Pittman has a 100-yard day and Beanie Wells has his coming-out party.

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