Quick wrap-up of Bowling Green

There wasn’t much to say after the Bowling Green game. We came, we pretty much had our way, and we won. Our predictions, however, merit a second look:

Vegas has the line at 35 points. The Buckeyes have covered the spread each week. Do you think they do it again?
The final score was 35-7, so the Buckeyes didn’t cover the spread.

The closest prediction to the final score was the sportsMonkey. The rest of us were off

How soon do we see Zwick come in? (o/u middle of the 3rd quarter)
Again, no one had this one. Zwick came in for a series in the 2nd quarter after Troy Smith came up hobbling. Luckily it wasn’t anything major, but Zwick saw playing time a lot sooner than anone thought.

No one got this one right.

It almost seems improbable, but does Laurinaitis continue his streak and pick off another pass?
It would have been nice to see the Little Animal continue picking off passes but it wasn’t meant to be.

el Kaiser and Zeke got this one right.

Pittman will get his carries, but it’s possible the backups get more. Do Wells and Wells out-gain Pittman?
Pittman only touched the ball 12 times on Saturday, for 58 yards. Wells and Wells combined for 27 yards. Not the huge ground game we expected, but it wasn’t really necessary to run against BG.

We were all off on our yardage predictions but every but the Monkey got this one right.

The offense could potentially rack up big numbers. How many? (o/u 550)
The Buckeyes dominated the game but the offense didn’t run as smoothly as we would have liked. They racked up 387 total yards. Playing on a short field, as Zeke predicted, played a role as well.

The sportsMonkey got this one right.

el Kaiser (2-5) (3-8 overall)
Zeke (2-5) (4-8 overall)
SYR (1-5) (1-5 overall)
sportsMonkey (2-5) (2-8 overall)

I know I said I’d get the other predictions updated but I haven’t got to that yet. This weekend!

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