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Okay, so that title was lame. But honestly, if it’s Hispanic Heritage Month, what’s wrong with a little stereotyping, right? I mean seriously, who hasn’t seen #11 fly down the sideline and not yell “Arriba, arriba, andale, arriba!” Right? He’s fast, he’s speedy. He’s speedy Gonzalez.


I digress.

As a fellow “Hispanic” I was surprised to find out that this month is Hispanic Heritage Month. At least that’s what ESPN is celebrating, and they’ve got a nice article (a huge, sombrero-sized hat tip goes to MotSaG contributor Sylvester-Yon Rambo for the link) on Columbus’ favorite Cuban, Anthony Gonzalez.

Anthony Gonzalez

Oh, you didn’t know he was Cuban? Join the club. I figured he was Hispanic (His last name is Gonzalez. Hello?) but I had no idea he was Cuban. Anyone that fast has to have Latin blood in him, right? I kid, I kid.

Anyway, it’s a great read about Gonzo’s family (his grandpa stormed the presedential palace with Fidel!), his love of Cuban food, and dealing with stereotypes. Something we all have to deal with, in our own ways. I’m glad to read that Gonzo handles it gracefully. I know Mrs. Kaiser always get upset when the neighborhood ladies talk bad about the Mexican landscapers. “Fricken Mexicans broke my mailbox. I know they did,” they’ll claim. Fricken Mexicans.

“Yeah, my husband’s Mexican,” Mrs. Kaiser thinks to herself, “and he’s always breaking mailboxes. It’s like a Mexican tradition.” (Yes, el Kaiser is chicano. Hence el Kaiser, not The Kaiser.)

So we all deal. I’m sure Gonzalez’s fair skin (most likely from his German mother) gives him an advantage, but he doesn’t shy away from his heritage, his roots. None of us should.

So check it out, it’s a great read. There’s also a video of Gonzo cooking his specialty, Arroz con pollo. Looks pretty tasty. I wonder if he has to follow the high altitude directions on the box?


  1. If he’s Speedy Gonzalez, then who’s Slowpoke Rodriguez?

  2. Wheres the love……I found the arcticle and propsed it to the Board of Directors for placement on the SITE……yet not a mention to me anywhere or a footnote about my contribution to the thread…………BOOOOOOOOOO……hahahahaha

  3. Jack – good question. We’ll have to figure that out!

    SYR – sorry about that! It’s an egregious error and has been corrected!

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