OSU/BGSU – Semi-live update

OSU FootballEnd of 1st quarter
Buckeyes were very proficient on offense, running the ball very easily on Bowling Green. A touchdown pass to Rory Nicol was good to see. Good to see him catch a pass and good to see Troy is still distributing the ball. The defense is still giving up big plays every once and a while but they’re holding strong. Ginn has already made a couple sick moves for nice yardage.

End of 2nd quarter
While the 2nd quarter was mostly ho-hum, it was big for the D. MotSaG favorite adopted son, Vernon Gholston picked off a pass and ended the quarter with a sack. We might have mentioned this before, but Gholston has big arms. They only thing I’ve noticed is that there have been too many people limping off the field — Troy came off limping, Patterson has left the field, and others. That makes me nervous. Otherwise, the game looks well in hand.

End of 3rd quarter
Wow, that quarter was pretty much all Bowling Green, almost nine minutes. I was hoping for a shutout, but BG put a nice drive together, capping it with a great one-handed catch for a touchdown. The Buckeyes came back with a steady dose Pittman, which is how I expect the rest of the game to go. Bowling Green has been able to stop the run on first downs, but not much after that.

OSU: 35

Once OSU got their hands back on the ball, they struck and struck fast. Ray Small looks fast, coming off the bubble screen and scoring. The defense then held strong and Troy struck again, going to Ted Ginn Jr. flying down the sideline. Ted had a big game, over a hundred yards and a touchdown. The one punt he actually returned looked good, he seemed really loose this game.

Troy had another great game, 200+ yards passing and 50+ rushing with 3 TDs. The D had another pick, almost 2 (which should have been an interception). They held another team under 7 points. This defense might give up yards but they don’t give up points. That’s the best kind of D.


  1. everyone that has left limping…are they alright?…you think troy was shaken bad enough to not play the rest of the game?

  2. Aaron – I didn’t hear anything else about Patterson, but Smith was back in there and he looked fine, so I’m not too worried about that.

  3. alright thank you…moving down to florida is hard to be a buckeye…i only can go off blogs and such…so thanks again for it all…oh and also other than patterson i heard kirk barton left after only 2 plays?…if its not to much trouble id liked to be kept up to date on the injuries…unless you know of a site that prodives that already…thanks again…O-H!

  4. I-O! Aaron! I moved to Alabama and I feel your pain, it’s not easy being a Buckeye fan in the heart of dixie. It’s so funny down here, everyone in the south thinks that only the SEC plays football and everyone else from other conferences are just out there playing flag football. I keep up with the buckeye blogs a pretty good bit and this is one of my favorites; visit daily.

    I think just about everyone we’ve beaten this year won today, I know the 3 ranked teams we beat all won, Texas, Penn St., and Iowa.

  5. Aaron and Gary G – Glad we can provide you a connection to the great Buckeye nation. I can’t imagine what it’d be like down in SEC country but the way it looks now, we may be on a collision course with Florida! You Buckeyes would definitely be lonely down there!

  6. well…with the arrogence of the SEC fans it can be rough, but really who can blame them for just being fans. I find at times im looking through Scarlet and Gray, well most of the time. But as for me and im sure Gary G, even if we are the only Buckeye fans in the Ale House, or Beef-o-bradys, or any place just to see our beloved Buckeyes play, youll see us cheering them on. So bring on Florida, because after we win, it will just go to prove The Big Ten is a league of there own. Ohh and hey it would be really nice if you and well pretty much all of Columbus would pack your stuff up for like a weekend and come on down here…because it does get lonely…Go Bucks!

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