Team Chivas beats Team Galaxy 3-1….

You may be wondering why this is on this site because neither of these teams are from Ohio. Well actually they both are. Team Chivas is my 4 year old son Eli’s soccer team. His team won 3-1 and is now 3-1* on the season, even though they dont keep score or award victories or losses in any game. I, as a ridiculously advid sports fan, do keep track of said info.

P.S. My son Eli although I love him very much has about as much athleticism as his good old Dad. So look for him to be blogging about sports in the future instead of playing them.

P.P.S. The one loss his team has I feel needs an asterisk as I am sure a couple of the the other teams players were like 12 years old and not 4 or 5.


  1. Sylvester-Yon Rambo says

    I know El Kiser prob wont want this post on the site…..feel free to remove it and I wont be upset…..I accidentally double posted my high school post and it wouldnt let me delete t so I just edited it to something different…..but this is a good post

  2. SYR – This is an Ohio Sports blog and Eli is obviously an up-and-coming Ohio sports star. So keep us updated on Team Chivas. But we need pictures next time! Let us see the next Beckham in action!

    Oh, and you couldn’t delete posts because I can’t trust you with the power to delete. Who knows what kind of damage you would do.

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