Week #6 – Bowling Green – Open Thread

Here we sit, at the top of the hill, ready to put it in neutral and save some gas while we coast down through the Big Ten. Before we get there, though, we make a pit stop to meet up with the Falcons of Bowling Green. This will be the first week on the newly laid grass. As Keith points out, it still doesn’t look that great, but it’ll do for now. It doesn’t really matter, OSU should dispatch Bowling Green rather early. Field and weather conditions are moot at this point.

Previews, if you want to see what were up against, can be found at The O-Zone and BuckeyePlanet.

Vegas has the line at 35 points. The Buckeyes have covered the spread each week. Do you think they do it again?

How soon do we see Zwick come in? (o/u middle of the 3rd quarter)

It almost seems improbable, but does Laurinaitis continue his streak and pick off another pass?

Pittman will get his carries, but it’s possible the backups get more. Do Wells and Wells out-gain Pittman?

The offense could potentially rack up big numbers. How many? (o/u 550)


el Kaiser:
Final Score: OSU: 45 BGSU: 0
Zwick: comes in during the second offensive series of the 3rd quarter
Laurinaitis: As much as it pains me, I don’t see another INT in this game.
Pittman: I think Pittman is going average 10 yards/carry but only get about 15 touches. He still outgains the Wells/Wells tandem.
Offense: Over – 600 yards

Final Score: OSU: 38 BGSU: 7
Zwick: Over – comes in at the first series of the fourth quarter
Laurinaitis: Little Animal keeps the streak alive! (One pick.)
Pittman: Pittman outgains his backups.
Offense: Under – 450 yards
Comments: The Falcons actually have a pretty good rushing offense. They were able to put up 219 yards against Wisconsin (that’s twice as much as Michigan managed against the Badgers!). I don’t think BG will threaten OSU’s defense much beyond the first quarter, but the rushing offense of both teams should keep the game clock moving, and that might have an impact on the final score and yardage totals.

Final Score: OSU: 41 BGSU: 3
Zwick: I will take the Over. We will see Zwick toward the end of the 3rd quarter.
Laurinaitis: I agree with Kaiser, the streaks ends Saturday:Under.
Pittman: I am going with Wells’ duo to outgain Pittman 135 to 115.
Offense: Under – 512 yards, I expect the Buckeyes to be playing with a short field most of the game which will keep the total yards under 600.

Sylvester Yon-Rambo
Final score: OSU 412 BGSU -2
Zwick: Troy will do the first 2 drives of the 3rd Qtr and then Zwick will take over
Laurinaitis: 2 interceptions over
Pittman: 143 yrds and Wells Duo 121 under
Offense: well if they score 412 points like I predict then they will have about 6000 yards of offense easily…..so way over 550

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