Week #4 – Penn State – Open Thread

OSU FootballBuckeye Commentary has a recap of some bulletin board material that Penn State’s safety, Donnie Johnson, has provided the Buckeyes, free of charge. The question that always comes up is whether this kind of trash talking makes a difference. Does it really motivate the players anymore? I would think the 17-10 loss last year in Happy Valley is more motivation than someone saying, “I have no respect for Ohio State whatsoever.” That being said, I think, to an extent, it will still provide a certain amount of fuel to the fire. I would imagine it will fire up the team when they run out on the field, the kick-off, the first time Pitmann runs over Johnson or Ginn runs past him, but after that it won’t mean much.

Black Shoes Diary, a Penn State blog has a good preview of the game up, with a prediction of OSU 24: PSU: 13. Gutsy to pick against your team, but probably not that much of a stretch.

The depth chart for the Penn State game is up at The O-Zone. The only real change was the Tim Schafer was replaced at RG by Steve Rehring (who was “Lineman of the Week” after the Cincinnati game). That makes for a pretty meaty left side of the offensive line (Rehring at 329, Boone at 325). Look for Pitmann to run wild over there.

Buckeye Planet, as always, has an excellent and exhaustive preview of the Penn State game.

Vegas has the line at 16.5 points. What’s your call?

I’m setting the OSU offensive production line at 400 yards (weather has been taken into consideration). Over or under?
How many yards to Troy Smith contribute to those 400? (o/u 280 yds)
The Buckeyes had 8 sacks last week. I doubt they’ll have 8 again, so how many sacks do you see? (o/u 5)
Ted Ginn Jr. still hasn’t broken a big return. Is this the game he finally hits paydirt?

Feel free to add your predictions, thoughts on the game, trash talking, whatever you like in the comments.

Update: Everyday Should be Saturday looks at the OSU/PSU matchup from a different point of view.

Overall advantage: Paterno. Based on these six extremely scientific metrics, we’re forced to pick Penn State in this game. And since it is science, don’t even attempt to contest this pick, since it’s obviously incontrovertible empirical truth. We’re going to find fresh victims for Joe Pa now.

el Kaiser’s predictions:
Final Score: OSU: 37 PSU: 6
Offensive production: Under, 399 yards
Troy Smith’s yards: Under, 240 yards
Sack production: Over, 6
Ted Ginn comes close, but still doesn’t find the end-zone on special teams

sportsMonkey’s predictions:
Final Score: OSU: 31 PSU: 9
Offensive production: Over, 401 yards
Troy Smith’s yards: Under, 225 yards
Sack production: 5
TGII’s return TDs: Not this week… a wet field almost always favors the kickoff teams. But, I still think he provides some fireworks (see below).
Comments: Between the O-line’s reshuffling and the horrible weather forecast, I wonder if Sweatervest might be planning to return to Tresselball for this matchup. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a grinding ground game, some two TE formations, etc. There hasn’t been a reverse run this year, so with the slippery grass and PSU’s rep for overpursuing on defense, I’m betting that Tressel gets the ball in Ginn’s hands on a reverse attempt (those usually go for TDs). I’m hoping, also, that Smith’s feet return this week, for about 50 yards total. The backfield puts up at least another hundred.

Zeke’s predictions:
Final Score: OSU: 34 PSU: 13
Offensive production: Over, 469 yards
Troy Smith’s yards: Under, 277 yards
Sack production: Over, 6
No Return TD for Ginn this week.


  1. Cincinnat, maybe?

    -Buckeyes cover the spread against a young, excited, overpursuing defense:
    Bucks: 27 – Lions: 10 (I realize this forces two field goals which is the stretch)
    -Yards: Probably under simply because I’m expecting some big defensive plays giving good field position.
    -Smith is going to be under those yards. I know PSU has a good run defense, but we should be able to simply wear them down by keeping them on the field.
    -Under 8 on the sacks.
    -We’d better see a returned punt this weekend.

    No respect, huh? Of course you wouldn’t respect your home state’s powerhouse if they didn’t recruit you Donnie Johnson, we wouldn’t expect you to.

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