Thoughts from Week #3

FootballSome thoughts and reactions from Week #3 (aka Win or Die Week). The Big Ten finally flexed its muscles a little more than last week. Sure, Penn State whacked around the 1-AA Youngstown Penguins and Illinois and Indiana lost (we don’t claim them, but no one else will take them) but the rest of the Big Ten looked stronger. Thanks go to Michigan for embarassing Notre Dame and Charlie Weis on their own TV station. That sure was fun to watch.

I didn’t get to see as much of the LSU vs. Auburn but both teams looked solid. It sure seemed like there was a lot more offense than the 7-3 score.

How is Larry Coker still coaching at Miami? He was another embarassment this week. How much longer before they rehire Butch Davis? The Card Report has some words of warning for teams that disrespect the Logo.

Michigan spanks Notre Dame, the M-Zone and MGoBlog explode. Now that Weis has lost to a top team again, can we stop calling him a genius? I think it’s time to put that to bed. Manningham and the Michigan defense looked pretty darn good. Who was soft again? Unfortunately for Quinn, he didn’t do much to bolster his Heisman chances. He looked lost out there at times.

I see that Texas decided that, after getting smacked around in the deep end by the big boys, they’d go over to the kiddie pool and beat up the second grader with the arm floaties. Good job.

A lot of good football today. The Blogpoll will definitely get a serious reshuffling this week. My top 5 looks like:

1. Ohio State (duh)
2. Auburn (had them here since preseason)
3. USC (still strong)
4. West Virginia (Slaton is fast)
5. Florida

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