Week #3 – Cincinnati – Open Thread

OSU FootballRemember last year, after the heart-breaking lost to Texas, when San Diego State came into the ‘Shoe, took the first play 80 yards for a TD, and everyone was thinking “What just happened?” Yeah, I don’t think that’s happening this year. There will be no hangover.

Cincinnati comes into Columbus 1-1, their victory coming over 1-AA Eastern Kentucky and losing to Pitt. Not the most impressive credentials. In the past, Ohio teams have come into Columbus with in-state players that have big chips on their shoulders, having been passed over by Ohio State. This would sometimes lead to games that were closer than they should be, but this year that will not be the case. The Bearcats are going to be over-powered by the Buckeyes talent, speed, and depth. Pity the Bearcats.

This game presents the coaching staff with a good chance to get a lot of reps for a lot of players. The game should be well in hand by the middle of the second quarter, allowing for the starters to get a breather before Big Ten play starts and let some other players get somewhat meaningful game time. It should also give the defense time to work on fundamental things like tackling and stopping the run. Cinci’s rushing attack is not very good, so the Buckeyes won’t be tested by it, but they still need to work on shedding blockers, form tackling and getting penetration. This game should be an excellent opportunity to do that.

The O-Zone has a preview and prediction of 38-0. This game is going to be ugly, people. Vegas has the Buckeyes favored by 29.5. I doubt Tressel will run the score up on Dantonio, but I predict the defense will score once, as well as on special teams, so the Buckeyes could easily cover the spread.

So how bad is going to be? What’s your prediction? How about a couple more predictions to make:

How many tackles will John Kerr record? (o/u at 1)

How many rushing yards do the Buckeyes hold the Bearcats to? (o/u at 40)

Which non-starter has the best day?

How long until the game is “over” (i.e. the Buckeyes are in cruise control)?

el Kaiser’s predictions:
Final Score: Ohio State: 41 Cincinnati: 0

John Kerr’s tackles: under, 0.5 (another assist)
Cinci’s rushing yards: under, 28
Best backup: Maurice Wells (after Tressel puts it in cruise control, Maurice will eat up chunks of yards as we run the ball all over Cinci)
By the third possesion, the game will be over and the score will be 28-0 (OSU will have scored either on defense or special teams)

Zeke’s Predictions:
Final Score: Ohio State: 37 Cincinnati: 6

John Kerr’s tackles: over, 1.5

I am giving Kerr the benefit of the doubt since he is listed atop the depth chart this week and should get some playing time; however, I would completely agree with Pfef’s analysis of John Kerr’s non-existent presence so far this year.

Cinci’s rushing yards: over, 53
Best backup: Kaiser, good choice with one of the two Wells’ at running back, I predict Lawrence Wilson will have a good game. Mark it down, 1.5 sacks for Wilson.
Game “Over”: The Buckeyes will take a 21-0 lead with 3:53 left in the first quarter, cruising to a 37-6 victory. Bring on the Big Ten.

sportsMonkey’s predictions:
Final Score: Ohio State: 52 Cincinnati: 3

John Kerr’s tackles: under, 0.5 (another assist)
Cinci’s rushing yards: under, 12
Best backup: Toss-up between Beanie or Robo (Chris Wells or Bryan Robiskie – assuming Robo doesn’t start in the slot).
When is game over: When Cinci gets off the bus.

Comments: Finding it hard to get excited for this game – it’s been a tough week. The Texas hype burnt me out a bit, and this week’s practice scrimmage against the Bearcats isn’t enough to get me fired up. I’ll still watch the game, but this weekend is all about LSU/Auburn, ND/UM, and USC/Nebraska. By Monday, we should have a pretty definitive idea of which five or six teams will compete for the two slots in the BCS championship game this year.

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