MotSaG Roundtable (post-Texas Shellacking)

MotSaG’ers Zeke and Sylvester-Yon Rambo were both over at Casa del Kaiser for the Texas game, so as we watched the press conference and College Gameday, we discussed some of our impressions after the big Texas win.

Zeke – Lauranaitis played well, but the entire defense came together in a big way. Jay Richardson almost murdered McCoy (which resulted in bad call, judgement or not). McCoy looked lost, there was no urgency by Texas in the fourth quarter.

SYR – Lauranaitis really impressed me, forced fumble, INT, a load of tackles. Tressel pretty much out-coached Mack Brown. I was surprised how little confidence Texas showed in Colt McCoy. Knowing our defensive backs were so unexperienced, I thought they’d go after them but it took Texas a long time to just throw the ball down the field. Gonzo was huge.

el Kaiser – Before the game, we each picked a player who we thought would be the difference maker. I went with Anthony Gonzalez, and he played huge. He benefitted greatly from the attention paid to Ted Ginn Jr. He made #28 look silly all night long. Another big difference was how well OSU was getting fresh legs in the whole game. Tressel said his goal was to get 57 (out of 70) players in the game in the first half, and I think that made a difference.

Another thought I had was how this Texas team looked like a classic Mack Brown-coached team – no intensity, no fight after they were down. It really looked like they gave up after Pittman scored the last touchdown.

We all decided that even though we really, really, really hate the new time-keeping rules, we had no problems with them tonight.

This feels good, we’ll all be sleeping well tonight in Columbus (if we can ever fall asleep).

(Tooting my horn again here…) but like I figured, Texas was going to need about 30 points out of McCoy to beat the Buckeyes. I was surprised he didn’t get close, though. What shocked me most was that we were just one bad ref’s call away from a shutout! How can you have Charles and Young pile up almost 170 yards, and only come away with one TD?

OSU’s “bend but don’t break” defense did what they were supposed to do. Everyone’s high on Smith today, but to me, Laurinitis deserves the game ball. He did more than any other player to break the spirits and take the fighting spirit away from the ‘Horns. He caused a pivotal fumble, got an INT, broke up several passes, made a couple tackles for loss, and (if my memory serves) made a sack. No doubt Hawk was proud.

Finally, as opposed as I am to violence of any sort, will someone please take Matthew McConaghey away and place him in the nearest trash compactor?


  1. Nice job, guys. The game certainly turned with the fumble on the 1 yardline. And, I couldn’t agree more…the new time rules were embraced tonight. 🙂

  2. 2 things that stood out nearly above the great win to me last night:

    1.) The half-time analysis piece where someone said, “The Buckeyes need to get the ball into #10’s hands to win” was something that Nick Mangold through Doug Datish had to be pissed about.

    2.) In order to drown their collective sorrow after the game, we can all agree that the world’s most ridiculous Texas fans Matthew McConaghey and Lance Armstrong made out, right?

  3. Hey guys. Got home yesterday evening from Texas. I watched the game from the “Texas Exs” club (their alumni association) across the street from the stadium with several thousand Texas fans. My buddies and I were cheering loudly and high-fiving as much as possible (and making our host friends a little ticked off). We got several glares. You should have heard that crowd when Texas would even get a first down. You would have thought they scored. It was very loud. Earlier in the day my friend said something about TGJr to some random OSU fan. This woman said, “We have other receivers you know.” So, every time Gonzalez caught a ball I was like, “That’s the other guy,” or “There’s that other guy again.” It was great. They were so pissed off after the game as I would have been if we lost. Great win. UT has great fans (and the female ones are a pleasure to look at), and their tailgate parties are top notch.

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