Week #2 – Texas – Open Thread

OSU FootballWow, I can’t believe it’s actually here – the day before the Texas game. Buckeye fans have been looking forward to this day for quite some time, and now we’re just a day away. This game has been dissected, turned inside out, analyzed and then reanalyzed. Then the analysis has been put through a strainer, reducing this game to the essence of pure, unadulterated College Football. #1 versus #2. Two heavy-weights, slugging away at each other, one looking for revenge, the other, validation. For one, the path to the BCS Title Game becomes easier. The other stumbles but certainly doesn’t fall. For 3+ hours on Saturday Night, all eyes will be on Austin.

And we can’t wait!

So for your reading pleasure, allow us to present some of that analysis. We’ve got you previews from:

The O-Zone’s Preview
CBS SportsLine’s preview
The 614’s Texas Preview
Pfef looks at the keys to the game
Buckeye Commentary has a bunch of links more previews
A little pregame voting on ESPN (When I voted, 41.2% had picked OSU to win in a close finish and 38% voting Texas to win in a close finish. Only 4.8% had picked Texas to easily win.)

BuckeyeXtra has a recap of the defensive… shortcomings in the NIU game. It also has the best quote from Selvin Young describing Garrett Wolfe: “Those guys were getting their feet wet against a scatback who can make anyone miss in a phone booth.”

Word is that tens of thousands of Buckeye Fans will be descending on Austin this weekend. This seems to rub this Dallas columnist the wrong way. (He does redeem himself here, though)

Lots of bloggers were talking to each other this week. I find this is funny, because I thought this was war, but whatever. You’ve got the guys at Burnt Orange Nation interviewing Keith from Buckeye Commentary. Then, Keith returns the favor.

Pfef also joins the fray, interviewing one of the guys at Bevo Sports.

Are you a college football fan but you don’t have a dog in this fight? BaggyPantsDevil at the MZone looks at this dilemma and decides he’ll be rooting for Texas.

So what about the game? Currently, the Longhorns are favored by 2.5. So what’s your prediction?

Last week, we kept track of how long it was before the specter of [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED] was brought up by the commentators. It took them less than half an hour. We’re taking bets on this week. Right now, the line is at 5 minutes. Right after they mention the suspension of Brown.

Some other things we’re willing to bet on:

How many interceptions does Colt McCoy throw? (over/under at 1.5)
How many rushing yards does Troy Smith have? (over/under at 50)
How many times does Texas sack Troy? (o/u at 2.5)
How many man-hours will be lost today in Columbus and Austin as people discuss the game with friends and co-workers? (no line)
How many times do they show Kirk Herbstreit in the booth, as a favor for the lady fans (and me)? (over/under at 5)
How many times does Musberger call Ted Ginn Jr. “Teddy”? (o/u at 5.5)

MotSaG Predictions:
el Kaiser

Final score: OSU: 37 – Texas: 31
McCoy’s INTs: 1 (under)
TS rushing yards: 95 (over)
Texas sacks: 2 (under)
Man-hours: I know I’ll personally be responsible for the loss of dozens of hours in my office, especially while I chat with theMonkey.
Kirk Herbstreit shots: NOT ENOUGH
Musberger: He calls TGJ “Teddy” once and Herbstreit pushes him out of the press box.

Final score: Texas rallies in the fourth quarter to bring the score close, but the new time rules bite them in the ol’ Horns hide and they come up short. OSU: 31 – Texas: 27.
McCoy’s INTs: 1 (under). I still think he makes two turnovers, though. Either two INTs or an INT and a fumble.
TS rushing yards: 70 (over)
Texas sacks: 2 (under) One of them will be technically called a sack, but will actually be a TS rush for a loss.
Man-hours: How many hours are there in a week? Yeah, whatever that number is, plus five.
Kirk Herbstreit shots: Eleventy billion.
Musberger: 5.5. The half comes from when he catches & corrects himself. Late in the game Herbie takes the open container away from Brent as punishment.

Final score: OSU: 27 – Texas: 23
McCoy’s INTs: 1 (under)
TS rushing yards: 42 (under)
Texas sacks: 3 (over)
Man-hours: I was stuck in the Blackwell (for those of you not from Columbus, the Blackwell is a hotel on tOSU campus) at a conference all day, so I was not able to contribute to the man hours lost yesterday.
Kirk Herbstreit shots: Definitely over 5
Musberger: I would say the o/u is exceeded after we hear welcome to Austin and before the kickoff. Can I get a “Holy Teddy”?

Predictions around the blogosphere:
I’m an ideas man: OSU: 35 Texas: 31
Burnt Orange Nation: Texas: 27 OSU: 24
Heisman Pundit: OSU: 24 Texas: 19
Blog for the Sports Gamer: OSU: 31 Texas: 17

Feel free to leave your predictions in the comments, or if you’re a blogger, send us a link or trackback to your post!


  1. Even though it seems a little high to me still, I’m standing by 35-31.

    Colt 45: under (I’d be thrilled if we got one)
    Troy’s Running: Under. He looked to comfy last week (30)
    Texas Sacks: Under at 2. Our O line looks good.
    Man Hours: As long as mine in Cincinnati count, it has to be in 6 digits, right?
    Herbie: As long as they get him to mention City Barbeque again, millions are fine with me.
    Teddy: Seriously?! Only 5.5. Craziness. You have to think that Ginn gets a minimum of 8 touches in the game, and there’s pre-game and the point at which he wants to give TG an HJ, so we’ll just say something like 12. Well Over.

    Thanks for the headline. Go Bucks.

  2. Are you Buckeye fans going to behave? You guys were pretty rowdy last year. Austin is a great city..you’ll soon see why!!

    have fun.

  3. I hope the buckeyes pull this one off. I don’t think they will lose. I am taking them in a bet this game. Giving OSU 2.5 points is hard to pass up. Go Bucks!

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