Partying like it was 1997

Ahh, those poor guys at the M-Zone. Longing for the days of yore, they have posted a video of OSU’s “Greatest Hits” from the past 30+ years. We noticed that there were only a couple “highlights” from the past decade, so we’re here to fill in the blanks:

We also find a few pictures that will help jog their memories. Remember this picture?

Or this one?

And there’s always this one.

Yeah, we remember those, too.


  1. Ouch. Yeah, unfortunately I remember those, too.

    Good stuff, guys.

  2. Nice work guys. I am impressed with the work… however, you need to work on the audio mixing a little better.

    I look forward to THE GAME again in November.

  3. Yeah, I love the highlights, but with the exception of the Dead Schembechlers and TBDBITL, the music kinda sucked.

  4. Yost – Just had to stick up for my boys!

    Andy – I can’t claim the production of the video, it’s not my work. I had meant to mention your video had much better music. Very nice, indeed.

  5. The video was my creation….and I liked the music, dammit.

    I’m working on another one now. I’ll send you a heads-up when it’s posted.

  6. Jeff – I didn’t mind the music in yours, I just loved that Andy’s had nothing but OSU songs in it. Can’t wait to see your next creation.

  7. Jeff – I dig the music. I think you did a great job. The best part is the depressed look on the faces of the UM band at the end.

    Also great to see some props for #13… Most OSU clips on YouTube deliberately ignore him… with all of the nonsense he became, sometimes we avoid remembering how fun he was to watch on the football field.

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